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Welcome to our World Cup betting help blog. When it comes to football, the pinnacle for me has always been the world cup. They fascinate me. A time when the whole world unites in the common theme of spectating a synthetically made sphere being kicked across beautifully kept turf.

Many thrilling tournaments have been and gone (my particular favourite being Italia 90) and Russia 2018 poses as being the next to be written up for the history books.

This event only comes around every 4 years, so setting yourself up for World cup betting is certainly no familiar task. I first started betting on the World cup back in 2002 and have bet on every tournament since. This will be my 5th tournament that I will be betting on. From what I have learnt over betting on these tournaments I intend to share with you on this World Cup betting help page.

The more you know the better your chances of spotting value odds. As they say, knowledge is power. knowledge cannot guarantee you wins, but it can certainly improve your chances when it comes to making your selections.

World Cup betting help – Where to start

The first bit of World Cup betting help I will give is to set your limit and keep to it. Your limit should lie within the parameter of the amount you are prepared to lose. One thing my betting experience has proven to me is the fact that nothing in life is absolutely certain. Betting should be treated as a luxury and a fun experience, not a necessity or an act of desperation. Yes, there is money to be won and there are plenty of people that do, but remember the saying, “You never see a poor bookie’. Bet responsibly and the World Cup will be sure to be an exciting and pleasurable one, whatever the outcome.

World Cup betting help

The obvious and most popular place to start is looking at the outright tournament winner market. This is a good bet to place prior to the tournament kicking off, but this doesn’t make up my world cup bets and I personally don’t go looking for a big profit from it, but instead a nice steady return.

I try to achieve this by hedging my bet somewhat. Only an elite few have so far managed to lift the World Cup (or Jules Rimet trophy) and I don’t see a team lifting the trophy for the first time in Russia.

My strategy therefore, is to find value within three previous winners that will guarantee a return, if any of the three selections go on to win the tournament. There’s usually enough value in the odds to select three picks and make a return as the outright favourite normally sits around 4/1.

Betting on four teams should see you with at least your money back, as long as the shortest odd selection is at 4/1 and based on one of the selections winning. As I am spreading the bet, I am also spreading the stake so I am never going to see a big win here, but certainly gives me a good chance of a small profit and will also motivate me to keep a special eye on all matches involving all three of my selections, meaning more World Cup viewing time and more World cup entertainment.


FIFA official appFamiliarise yourself with the layout of the tournament. All of the teams have now been set in their designated groups and fixtures have been set. The best place, I find, to scout for information regarding the tournament is with the FIFA official app. You can’t go wrong by heading to the source for all the latest information and stats ahead of the tournament. The app supports different languages and has a dedicated world cup section providing all the information you need to be fully up to date with the latest news surrounding the world cup.

I use this app for –

  • Fixture dates.
  • Group standings.
  • Information on World cup qualifying stages.
  • Information on host cities.
  • Informative videos.
  • Latest World cup news.
  • Available on Android and iOS.

This isn’t the only source of information I use for my own personal world cup betting help, but if you don’t have the time to go too in-depth with your research, the FIFA official app will serve as a one-stop shop for you as far as any World Cup betting help for information or statistics is concerned.

FIFA App For iOS

FIFA App For Android

World Cup betting help quotes

World Cup betting apps

You will also need to put a little consideration in to which bookmaker to bet with. This depends on the experience of your gambling. If, like me you are an experienced gambler, you probably have a betting account with most of the trusted online gambling sites. If this is the case I would suggest either using your favourite, or if you have the time use an odds comparison tool such as Oddschecker to get the best value out of each bet you want to place.

My current favourite app at the moment is Bet365 and I will be using them to place the majority of my bets. I find the app to be extremely reliable and easy to use, but I will be keeping my eye on the other bookmakers for any existing customer value offers.

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If you are are newcomer to betting, it will probably be best to shop around during the World cup finals as there will be plenty of new customer offers to take advantage of. Keep to well known names within the industry would be my advice here. You can check out our top rated betting apps from the button below.

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World cup betting help – Different markets.

Away from the traditional outright betting there will be plenty of markets available for each individual match and I am always able to find one particular outcome that holds value. I start looking at the other World Cup betting markets once I have settled on my outright tournament winner selections. I find betting on a fixture that holds no particular interest a good way to keep the match entertaining as well as embracing even the dullest moments of this well loved tournament.

Some popular markets at the moment to bet on are as follows

Both teams to score – a decent market to consider, especially in the later stages and can be combined with the ‘to win’ market to make a ‘to win and both teams to score’. A nice way to boost those odds and can make some huge possible returns if you create a ‘to win and both teams to score’ accumulator across multiple fixtures in the group stages.

Handicap markets – With the quality of team varying so much in the world Cup finals Handicap markets are worth considering in those strong team vs weak team match ups.

These markets allow you to specify a winner with, as the name suggests a handicap in place. For example, Brazil to win with a -2 handicap would mean that Brazil would need to win by 3 clear goals in order for the bet to pay out. These make odds on backing the better more favourable, as odds for the favourite on the traditional ‘to win’ market in these types of fixtures are understandably very weak.

World cup betting help - available markets

Booking markets – World cups are normally feisty affairs due to the amount of prestige that is attached to actually winning it. Format changes and rule modifications have seen a surge of red cards throughout the 21st Century and with lunging tackles being more and more frowned upon in the game currently, It wouldn’t surprise me to see a record number of cards during this tournament. There are plenty of options here within the booking markets such as;

  • Certain player to be booked/sent off.
  • Over/under a certain number of bookings in a game.
  • Over/under certain amount of bookings for a team.

One thing to consider here is that some bookies use booking points instead of actual number of cards. standard booking points are 10 points for a yellow card and 25 points for a red. So in this instance you would be betting on over or under a certain am out of points rather than number of cards.

Personalised combination bets – Quite a few bookmakers have now provided a service where you can actually build or request your own personalised bet. Each bookmaker offering this kind of service has their own quirky name for it (request a bet with SkyBet, Bet builder with bet365, Price It Up with BetVictor, Build Your bet with coral etc etc), but the idea behind it is essentially the same.

you can either request or build a bet with a combination of outcomes. As an example I could pick;

  1. Team A to win.
  2. Both teams to score.
  3. Over 5 yellow cards.
  4. Certain player to score.
  5. Under 9 corners in the match.

I would either request this bet or build it (depending on bookmaker) and then receive an odds offer for that particular combination. These types of bet are good if you have been following and watching the countries playing before the tournament in a particular fixture or have had plenty of time to research beforehand.

In-Play betting

Anyone looking for World Cup betting help should remember to consider the In-Play Markets once the action is actually underway. It always serves well to be nicely prepared and to get some bets on nice and early before the tournament or kick off of a specific match, but it is also well worth keeping an eye on the markets whilst the tournament is in motion.

I’m always on the look out for an early goal from an underdog team. This tends to then provide more value for the favourite in the match and with the amount of disparity in some of the teams, the new price may well be worth backing. I may decide to back, even if I had backed earlier at a weaker price.

The important thing here is to gauge the atmosphere of the game. Are both teams pushing for a goal? are tempers flaring? Is one side dominating possession? These are all types of questions I will be asking myself thought the games to help me try and spot value and provide me with an edge in the In-Play markets.

That pretty much sums up my thoughts and feelings on how to get the most out of world cup betting, without dragging this page on to a ridiculously long length. Some basic stuff here for some likely, but a good source of World Cup betting help for others relatively new to betting. Good luck with all of your world cup bets. Follow us throughout the tournament for all our thoughts and opinions at @bettingappscom