World Cup betting predictions

World Cup betting predictions

Previous World Cups have been revisited, qualifying stages studied, fixtures stored in the memory bank. You’ll be able to find my well researched World Cup betting predictions here daily.

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Daily betting tips

15th July

France v Croatia

Finals have historically been dull affairs with two in-form teams normally cancelling each other out. Early phases of the match usually adopt a cautious start, with both sides keener on not making mistakes or leaving any gaps than pushing for an early goal.

France have had the more convincing tournament so far so I would have to go with them for the victory here and believe they will be capable of putting the ball in the back of the Croatian net within the allotted 90 minutes.

As this is the final I’m going to have an extra prediction as I quite fancy both 0-0 at half time and under 2.5 goals as my side bets. As previously stated finals are not renowned for being goal-fest and a typical cautious start by both in the final attracts my eyes on the value being offered in the 0-0 at half time market

France v Croatia predictions

France to win 10/11* ✅

0-0 at half time 5/4* ❌

Under 2.5 goals 19/40* ❌

14th July

Belgium v England

3rd/4th place play-offs are hard to call due to the fact it could be perceived as a nothing match by some. I won’t be placing any considerable bets until the teams have been announced due to this uncertainty.

It could be viewed as a time to give players who didn’t get much time on the pitch during previous matches of the tournament some game time and vital tournament experience, or it could be viewed as finishing strongly and therefore playing the strongest side possible.

I’m not expecting any side to roll over though so my initial thoughts that the game will need at least extra time to settle it. With the stamina and hearts of the English men depleting in the Croatia match during extra time I’m also going to have to go with my gut instinct that Belgium will bag one within those thirty minutes to prevent penalties being needed.

Belgium v England predictions

Match result = draw 11/4* ❌

Belgium to win in extra time 10/1* ❌

11th July

Croatia v England

A huge game to call as an England fan, but if we have got this far then I am going to predict we can go all the way to the final. Whatever happens, the lads have done us proud but they seem to have a togetherness and an understanding of each other that just may very well lead then all to the final.

The Croatians are no pushovers, but there are pockets of weaknesses on the pitch for England to exploit. Southgate’s tactics seem to have been spot on so far and I have every confidence that he will set up here to be as problematic for Croatia as possible.

I’m feeling confident that we can achieve the win in 90 minutes here but am not sure on being able to keep the Croatians at bay over the two halves. A 1-2 or 1-3 scoreline is how I see the game ending after the obligatory 90 minutes.

Croatia v England predictions

England to win – 27/20* ❌

England to win and both teams to score – 9/2* ❌

10th July

France v Belgium

The first of the semi-finals kicks off today and a France v Belgium seems to be a very close call, both in terms of performances so far and quality on the pitch. If both teams turn up and perform somewhere near the best of their ability then this has the potential of being one of the games of the tournament.

I’m going to go with the France win here. It’s a tough one to call for sure but I’m going with France to just pop Belgium come 90 minutes.

I see lots of goals and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if we were treated to a 3-2 classic. As there is a degree of uncertainty with who I think will actually win, the sensible option for my second prediction therefore, would be to go for over 4.5 goals. This provides good odds and also has the flexibility of coming in regardless of who progresses.

France v Belgium predictions

France to win 6/4* ✅

Over 4.5 goals 7/1* ❌

7th July

Sweden v England

Some huge names have left the world cup finals at this stage and England are still in it. They have broken the dreaded penalty curse, but with an organised Swedish team and an English team struggling to be clinical, I’m going with penalties having to decide this one as well. With England being recently exposed to this kind of pressure, it will be England for me who will have the advantage in this scenario so my second prediction is England proceeding on penalties to bring it one step close to coming home!

Sweden v England predictions

Match result = draw 23/10* ❌

England to win on penalties 10/1* ❌

Russia v Croatia

Another game I can see being tight and compact with little risks being taken to minimise the chance of being exposed at the back. The hosts have shown the power of the twelfth man against Spain and I can see this extra support taking the Russians to extra time.

This match is one I can see being settled in extra time. Croatia probably have more fitness and quality in their side and this could lead to being the difference if extra time is indeed called for. The Russian’s have certainly been an inspiration to their fans and to some degree admirable hosts, but I see their journey coming to an end here against a side that has looked as good as any during these finals.

Russia v Croatia  predictions

Match result = draw 21/10* ✅

Croatia to win in extra time 9/1* ❌

6th July

Uruguay v France

Uruguay managed to see off Ronaldo and the Portuguese in the second round, but France are showing they are far more than a one man band and I see them causing Uruguay a lot more problems than Portugal did.

Uruguay have a solid defence and quite a formidable strike force, but I fear their midfield will be over-run in this match up.

Mbappe looks to be in tip-top form and his pace, footwork and power alongside the likes of Pogba and Kante should be enough in my view to progress to the semi finals with just the 90 minutes needed.

I’m going for a long shot with my second prediction. With me believing that the midfield battle will be key here I’m going with Paul Pogba to score a goal from outside the box. He has had a quiet tournament so far but we all know he has a shot on him when he connects properly and the fact he isn’t afraid to have a pop. France could well be forced to some long range shooting with the Uruguayan defence expected to remain tight, so Insee this as a likely method of scoring.

Uruguay v France predictions

France to win 21/20* ✅

Pogba to score from outside the box 11/1* ❌

Brazil v Belgium

This should be a belter of a match and again I’m going with the perceived stronger of the two sides to progress within the 90 minutes given.

Both teams had a slow start in their last match and I’m expecting that to be addressed in this fixture. Brazil to score within the first ten minutes at 11/2 has got my attention and that makes up my second prediction for this quarter final fixture.

Brazil v Belgium predictions

Brazil to win 11/10* ❌

Brazil to score in first ten minutes 11/2* ❌

3rd July

Sweden v Switzerland

Both teams have looked strong defensively and threatening on the counter, but Sweden have looked the stronger team, in my opinion – especially in their 3-0 win over Mexico.

The Swiss showed they can set up to frustrate teams in their 1-1 draw with Brazil and I’m expecting a similar score line here.

Sweden v Switzerland predictions

Match result = draw 2/1* ❌

Sweden to win in extra time 12/1* ❌

Colombia v England

The English are already singing “it’s coming home”, but I’m seeing them struggle against what seems to be a very organised Colombian outfit.

Breaking down good teams is not England’s speciality and I can very well see the dreaded penalties having to come in to play to settle things.

The England penalty curse cannot last forever so my second prediction I’m going with is England progressing through due to winning on penalties.

Colombia v England predictions

Match result = draw 9/4* ✅

England to win on penalties 10/1* ✅

2nd July

Brazil v Mexico 15:00

What a match this is expected to be! 2 South American teams who have shown some great football so far. But unfortunately one of these teams will be exiting the tournament here. I’m predicting that team to be Mexico, with Brazil scraping through to the quarter finals, due to having a little more diversity and depth in their locker.

It should be a tough game and due to the fact the amount of penalties awarded does not seem to be slowing down (penalties awarded in both games yesterday) there’s a good chance one could also be awarded in the game, in my opinion.

Brazil v Mexico predictions

Brazil to win 1/2* ✅

A penalty to be awarded 8/5* ❌

Belgium v Japan 20:00

Japan know they are out of their depth here and that was very much evident in their last ten minutes against Poland where they were happy passing the ball between defenders to wind down the clock, rather than showing the courage to grab the situation by the horns and to take control of it.

I’m expecting Japan to set up very defensive against Belgium to try and play out for penalties, but I see Lukaku being too strong to be contained for 90 minutes let alone 120!

Belgium v Japan predictions

Belgium to win 13/8* ✅

Lukaku to score anytime 10/11* ❌

1st July

Spain v Russia 15:00

This match is one I see highly likely of having to be settled after 90 minutes. Spain have the higher quality, but haven’t really shown it so far in the tournament and the Russians also have the advantage of the whole nation behind them.

Both teams have scored well so I am predicting goals in the match, but I see the goal amounts being equal come 90 minutes. If the match does go to extra time, penalties will certainly be on the cards with tired and weary legs beingnout there and if penalties are required I see Spain being victorious due to the amount of extra pressure each individual from the host nation will be feeling in this very unfamiliar environment.

Spain v Russia predictions

Match result = draw 29/10* ✅

Spain to win on penalties 14/1* ❌

Croatia v Denmark 19:00

Croatia have been one of the teams of the tournament so far, playing some fantastic football. The Danes will be no pushover but I see Croatia being too strong and confident for anything other than Croatia winning to happen in this second round clash.

Denmark have only conceded one in their three group matches, but have also struggled to score as well. Croatia have been scoring well as well as being tight at the back so I am going with a Croatia win to nil prediction as well.

Croatia v Denmark predictions

Croatia to win 17/20* ❌

Croatia to win to nil 6/4* ❌

30th June

Argentina v France 15:00

I’m going with the France win here. Both teams have not shown the flare we all know they are capable of, but Argentina look like a bit of a lost unit to me, whereas I believe France have enough depth to rekindle some team spirit to get them through.

For my second prediction, I’m heading to the anytime goalscorer market and I’m liking the odds on Mbappe to bag at some point in the match. With Griezmann being the main threat he is likely to have his hands full with a special eye being kept on him which could well lead to some extra space for Mbappe to take advantage of.

Argentina v France predictions

France to win 29/20* ✅

Mbappe to score anytime 16/5* ✅

Uruguay v Portugal 19:00

I can see these teams both setting up cautiously with huge attacking threats coming from both teams. They are both evenly matched in my opinion and I can see a tightly played match being on the cards here over an open end-to-end game.

Neither team have been emphatic either over much weaker opponents so although there is a lot of attacking threat present, I don’t anticipate there being too many goals. I see the match panning out as a very dull goalless first half and one goal settling it in the second. A tight one to call but I’m going with Uruguay to pinch it.

Uruguay v Portugal predictions

Uruguay to win 2/1* ✅

Draw HT Uruguay FT 23/4* ❌

28th June

Japan v Poland

Poland have been very disappointing in their opening two games and after witnessing the Germans crumple in their last game I’m predicting the Polish will here too. Not much value in any selection though as far as the win/draw/win market is concerned, in my opinion.

I’m also liking the odds of Japan to win from behind at 25/2. The Polish team do have pride to play for and their strength advantage may very well see them open up the scoring, but the stamina of the Japanese and the heart they have shown could very well turn the game around easily, especially when taking in to account the lack of enthusiasm shown so far in the Polish camp.

Japan v Poland predictions

Japan to win 19/10* ❌

Japan to win from behind 25/2* ❌

Senegal v Colombia

4/1 on the Senegal win has caught my interest as holding very good value. Both teams will be looking for the win, but Senegal can afford a draw whereas Colombia cannot. This could easily play in to the hands of the fast countering capabilities of the Senegalese.

I’m also fancying a sending off in the match at odds of 7/2. Three red cards have been fished out so far in the tournament, one of which was to Colombian Carlos Sanchez for blocking a goal scoring opportunity with his arm. Colombia have form for it and with so much at stake tackles could very well get feisty if desperation starts to set in.

Senegal v Colombia predictions

Senegal to win 4/1* ❌

A red card in the match 7/2* ❌

England v Belgium

As an England fan, I’m thinking the same as every other England fan come the third game of a World Cup tournament. It’s coming home, we’re unstoppable, we’re going all the way.

Reality is we have played two garbage sides and this is our first real test. I’m predicting England are up for this fight more than the Belgian’s and will take home the three points to top the group, regardless of who that means we have to face next.

Kane will also be looking to increase his lead in the Golden Boot race and with the form he is in who can doubt that he will be in the right place at the right time at one point or another in this fixture? Anytime goalscorer for me here all day long.

England v Belgium predictions

England to win 13/8* ❌

Kane to score anytime 11/8* ❌

Panama v Tunisia

I can’t see this game being the most memorable come 12 years time. The last two games have shown that both of these teams have weak defences and not much going on up front. As such I’m seeing the ball being banded the rounded the middle of the pitch and out of play frequently.  I do see goals though and as Panama have shown they like to leak the most, I’m going with Tunisia to pinch the win.

As both teams have shown American football style techniques of defending set pieces it’s fair to assume there is a high likeliness a penalty will be awarded here and that will make up my second prediction for this match.

Panama v Tunisia predictions

Tunisia to win 17/20* ✅

A penalty to be awarded 7/4* ❌

27th June

Korea Republic v Germany 15:00

I’m seeing today being a good day for the punter with what should be four straight forward fixtures for each favourite involved.

The Germans sit level on points with the Swedes and level on goals. This means Germany simply have to match or better the result that the Swedes produce in the other group match.

The Germans will have to push for goals straight from the off rather than expecting Mexico to do their job for them and won’t be able to just sit on a small margin lead either. This should lead to a nice open game with plenty of goals, but I’m expecting German to end up Victors.

Korea Republic v Germany predictions

Germany to win 1/5* ❌

Germany to score in both halves 3/4* ❌

Mexico v Sweden 15:00

This should be another exciting game to watch with Sweden having to go all out for the win and Mexico needing a point to secure top spot in the group.

Both teams will be assuming that the Germans will be achieving maximum points from their last game so Sweden will be throwing the kitchen sink in to this game and Mexico will have to field a not-so-unfamiliar team in order to secure that point.

My gut is telling me that a score draw is the sensible prediction given the circumstances and one that includes more than just two goals, due to how open Sweden will be forced to play.

Mexico v Sweden predictions

Match result = draw 12/5* ❌

Correct result = 2-2 16/1* ❌

Serbia v Brazil 19:00

Group E is tight at the top with Brazil and Switzerland sitting on 4 points and Serbia sitting just behind them on 3. I’m expecting Brazil to finalise things in this fixture to secure top spot and to send Serbia out along with Costa Rica.

Brazil played some fantastic football in their last ten minutes against Costa Rica and if they can replicate some of that magic here they should win convincingly.

Serbia v Brazil predictions

Brazil to win 4/7* ✅

Brazil to win and over 3.5 goals 4/1* ❌

Switzerland v Costa Rica 19:00

Switzerland have been quietly impressive so far this tournament and as such I see them signing off from the group with another three points.

Switzerland look very organised and methodical whereas Costa Rica have looked defensive minded and disorganised. I don’t anticipate either style changing in this fixture.

The Swiss need the three points to guarantee qualification so will field their strongest team possible, but they seem to be lacking out and out prolific goal scorers. one man that always has a chance though is Shaqiri, so I’m happy to take Shaqiri to be an anytime goalscorer at 12/5 as my second prediction.

Switzerland v Costa Rica predictions

Switzerland to win 6/10* ❌

Shaqiri to score anytime 12/5* ❌

26th June

Denmark v France 15:00

First place plays second place of Group C here and both look good for qualifying. Neither have been inspirational though and like quite a lot of teams in this World Cup, goals have been hard to come by for both teams. France have the better squad, but Denmark have proven themselves to be sticky opponents and with French strikers not firing on all cylinders so far, I quite fancy the draw.

Denmark v France predictions

Match result = draw 2/1* ✅

Correct score = 1-1 23/4* ❌

Australia v Peru 15:00

I also fancy the second fixture in Group C today to end in a draw. Peru have proven so far in this World Cup to be incapable from scoring (even from 12 yards with only a keeper to beat) and Australia have proven to only be interested in scoring when they are behind displaying a greater fear of losing than an appetite for winning.

Add those factors up and it equals a 0-0 draw. If Peru can’t score and Australia on hunt goals when behind, then these predictions make a lot of sense and the selections hold a lot of value, in my opinion.

Australia v Peru predictions

Match result = draw 23/10* ❌

Correct score = 0-0 9/1* ❌

Nigeria v Argentina 19:00

Argentina have been gifted an opportunity that I cannot see being squandered. After performing so badly in their first two games they must have thought qualification was an impossibility. The boost they received must have been incredible when Nigeria beat Iceland, which has left the group wide open. A convincing win here could well see Argentina through and that is exactly what they must push for. Nigeria hold a threat with their ability to counter extremely quickly, but I’m expecting Argentina to try and control the game with their ability to control the possession through short, accurate passing. I’m predicting Argentina to do the business here and relying on lady luck shining down in the other match to seal their fate in to the next round.

For my second prediction I’m liking the value being shown on Sergio Aguero scoring first. Messi has had quite a flat tournament so far and with him missing a penalty in the opening match it may very well be Aguero who is given the responsibility should a spot kick be awarded here. 9/2 is a good price in my opinion and one I am happy to take.

Nigeria v Argentina predictions

Argentina to win 7/12* ✅

Sergio Aguero to score first 9/2* ❌

Iceland v Croatia 19:00

A hard game to predict here as a lot of uncertainty lies within the team selection of the Croatian team. They are as good as guaranteed to top the group so may well decide to field a more perceived weaker team in order to rest key players. They could also decide to show a symbol of dominance by topping the group on 9 points. I’m guessing that Croatia will go with a respectable side, but will be playing with their foot off the pedal slightly, not to take too many risks of injury. Iceland need to go out all costs for the win if they are to have any hope of qualifying and that rush to get the ball in the opponents half may very well lead to them being exposed at the back. Croatia pose a massive threat in these circumstances in my opinion so I’m going with the prediction that Croatia will secure 9 points from a possible 9 in this match.

With Iceland chasing there is a good chance they will be able to find a goal so I am going to combine my win prediction with both teams to score which then boosts the odds to a more respectable return should this happen.

Iceland v Croatia predictions

Croatia to win 5/4* ✅

Croatia to win and both teams to score 4/1* ✅

25th June

Uruguay v Russia 15:00

Not much to play for here with both teams certain of qualification to the last 16. Finishing first or second doesn’t look like much of a difference either with the options looking like facing either Portugal or Spain in the next round.

Due to the situation I can see both teams taking their foot off the gas and possibly even deciding to rest key players for tougher challenges ahead. This leads me to believe the game will not be rage of the seat stuff and the likeliness is as far as I am concerned that the game will finish either 0-0 or 1-1.

Uruguay v Russia predictions

Match result = draw 2/1* ❌

Under 2.5 goals = 7/10* ❌

Saudi Arabia v Egypt 15:00

Nothing but pride and dignity at stake here. Both teams are already doomed to elimination from the tournament, which should lead to some exciting risk-taking football being played. The only trouble is neither team look like they have the capability of putting the ball in the back of the net.

Saudi Arabia have scored none in their first two games and have conceded six. Egypt haven’t scored a World Cup goal from open play since 1934.

Egypt have the advantage though of having Mo Salah and I see him being the difference in this match. VAR has definitely caused an increase in penalties being awarded this year and to me this looks like the only way the deadlock will be broken here.

Saudi Arabia v Egypt predictions

Egypt to win 10/11* ❌

A penalty to be awarded 23/10* ✅

Iran v Portugal 19:00

Iran have a chance of qualifying, but in order to do so they need a win here. At some point in the game they are going to need to go at Portugal and when they do I see them unfolding.

Ronaldo’s has been on fire and he has shown you give him a sniff of that goal and he won’t hesitate in taking full advantage of the situation. It took him four minutes to get off the mark against Spain and four minutes to score against Morocco.

I can’t see Iran being able to stop him, whilst focusing on getting a goal themselves. If Iran concede early they will have to leave bigger gaps at the back chasing goals, which could well lead to a heavy defeat come the final whistle. I certainly see Ronaldo bagging at least a brace in these circumstances.

Iran v Portugal predictions

Portugal to win 3/4* ❌

Ronaldo to score 2 or more 4/1* ❌

Spain v Morocco 19:00

This should be a fairly straight forward match for Spain given how Morocco have performed so far. Morocco have only mages to muster one goal so far this tournament and that was in to their own net. No doubt they will remain resilient and will be hard to break down but I have no doubt Spain will find a way.

Once they have opened up the scoring I see them happy to sit on it rather than try to make a statement to conserve energy in preparation for the later rounds. With Morocco not posing much of an attacking threat Spain should feel they can afford to adopt this tactic.

Spain v Morocco predictions

Spain to win 4/11* ❌

Under 2.5 goals 21/20* ❌

24th June

England v Panama 13:00

Of course my first prediction here is the England win. Panama frustrates the Belgians for the first half an hour, but clearly showed they weren’t capable of maintaining that level of energy throughout the entirety of the match.

England do seem to struggle to break teams down so it wouldn’t at all surprise me to see a 0-0 scoreline come the half time whistle. I then see England capitalising on some weary legs in the second half to win by a 2 or 3 goal margin.

England v Panama predictions

England to win 2/9*✅

Draw half time, England full time 3/1*❌

Japan v Senegal 16:00

Both teams picked up three points in their first match, but Senegal did it more convincingly. Japan’s victory can contributed largely to Colombia having a man sent off whereas Senegal fought hard and together to see off a very competent Poland side.

I was very impressed by the Senegalese and see them being the victors in this match. I was also surprised that Sadio Mane did not get on the scoresheet and the fact he didn’t fills me with more confidence that he will pick one up here.

Japan v Senegal predictions

Senegal to win 23/17*❌

Sadio Mane to score anytime 2/1*✅

Poland v Colombia 19:00

Two similar teams here in terms of quality had a similar result in their opening fixture and I see them getting a similar amount of goals as each other in these 90 minutes or so. I see goals hard to come by in this match due to mistakes made in each team’s previous game.

They will be looking to wipe these types of mistakes out which in my eyes will lead to a fight for possession rather than a fight for goals.

Poland v Colombia predictions

Match result = draw 5/2*❌

Under 2.5 goals 4/5*❌

23rd June

Belgium v Tunisia 13:00

With Tunisia having very little joy against England other than the penalty, Belgium should have more than enough in their locker to turn over a convincing victory here. Not much justification needed here as they go in clear and obvious favourites.

With Lukaku looking pumped for the tournament and his bullying style of attack I can very much see him opening the scoring here. His strength and confidence is encouraging me to plumb for the better odds of first goal scorer over scoring anytime.

Belgium v Tunisia predictions

Belgium to win 7/20*✅

Lukaku to score first 71/25*❌

Korea Republic v Mexico 16:00

Mexico didn’t just beat Germany, they also contained Germany and for that reason I’m giving South Korea no chance whatsoever in this match.

With South Korea failing to score against Sweden (or even looking close to scoring), I’m expecting the same to happen here again. Odds are also showing good value for the win to nil selection being above evens, in my opinion.

Korea Republic v Mexico predictions

Mexico to win 7/10*✅

Mexico to win to nil 7/5*❌

Germany v Sweden 19:00

Germany have some making-up to perform to their fans and I see them repairing some of the damage in this fixture.

More emphasis will surely be put on the end product rather than the build-up play so I can see most of the action being in Sweden’s third of the pitch. I’m also seeing that pressure paying off in both the early and later stages of the match so the Germany to score in both halves selection appealing.

Germany v Sweden predictions

Germany to win 4/9**✅

Germany to score in both halves 29/20*❌

22nd June

Brazil v Costa Rica 13:00

These teams have met nine times previously and every match has ended up with the same result – a Brazil win. I don’t expect this game to end any different. After a disappointing first game for both teams involved here, I fancy Brazil to right some wrongs after witnessing the lack of flare from the Costa Ricans against Serbia.

We all know Brazil are capable of much more than what was displayed against Switzerland, whereas the Costa Ricans surprisingly looked a little out of their depth.

I’m also expecting plenty of goals in the game, but as Brazil’s defence is renowned for it’s solidity, i wouldn’t like to bank on them keeping a clean sheet. Instead I’m seeing the over 3.5 goals market a decent option.

Brazil v Costa Rica predictions

Brazil to win 2/9* ✅

Over 3.5 goals 11/5* ❌

Nigeria v Iceland 16:00

After an impressive opening game for Iceland, it’s difficult to see them throw it all away by not performing here. They look a strong unit and all seem to work together and I see that strategy working well against the Nigerians.

I’m also fancying Gylfi Sigurdsson to get on the scoresheet. He scored four times during the qualifying campaign and is a pivotal figure in the Icelandic setup. His knee injury seems to be fully recovered against Argentina, so I’m expecting him to bag against the weaker Nigerian opponents.

Nigeria v Iceland predictions

Iceland to win 9/5* ❌

Gylfi Sigurdsson to score anytime 13/4* ❌ (Missed a pen 😡)

Serbia v Switzerland 19:00

I’m seeing this ending in a stalemate with two fairly dull but disciplined sides facing each other. The Swiss won’t be wanting to force the issue here and leave gaps at the back after securing a point against Brazil so I’m expecting them to be quite tight in their build up play. The Serbs will be keen to get something from the game knowing they have Brazil still to come, but won’t be wanting to gift the Swiss with three points to catch up with them either. The draw here is the sensible bet for me.

Because I’m anticipating a tight affair, I’m not expecting Many goals. There’s not much value in the unders/overs goals market though, so I’m going with a 1-1 result as my second prediction. The introduction of VAR seems to be the nemesis to 0-0 results with notnone yet so far in the tournament so a 1-1 scoreline seems the most likely to me.

Serbia v Switzerland predictions

Match result = draw 21/10* ❌

Correct score 1-1 11/2* ❌

21st June

Denmark v Australia 13:00

Certainly not as easy to pick results today is it was yesterday. Tough match to call here with Australia narrowly losing to France in their opening match and Denmark narrowly beating Peru. Denmark probably have the better tram on paper, but Australia will be setting up for all three points here to climb up the Group C table.

I see this being a tight-knit match and am predicting this to end honours even. The tournament is due a points shared situation and I see that being very likely here.

I’m also liking the odds on Eriksen to score anytime. He is Denmark’s kingpin and is likely to be taking all the dangerous free kicks and penalties. A good price I think at over 2/1.

Denmark v Australia predictions

Match result = draw 12/5* ✅

Eriksen to score anytime 13/5* ✅

France v Peru 16:00

I was quite disappointed with Peru in their opening fixture and as such I’m predicting that France will pick up all three points here.

France will be looking to make more of an impression on their fans and the world, they just need their individual players to gel a little more. I’m not anticipating lots of goals here but a controlled performance by the French that eases them to six points in Group C.

France v Peru predictions

France to win 4/6* ✅

Under 2.5 goals 27/25* ✅

Argentina v Croatia 19:00

Another tough match to predict. My head is telling me Argentina, but my heart is saying otherwise after a dull display in Argentina’s first match against Iceland. I’m going with the Argentina win just because they have a more superior side in terms of quality spread through it and across the squad, not just the eleven on the pitch.   

This should be a little more open as I don’t see Croatia sitting back like Iceland did. With a little more space on the pitch I’m seeing plenty of chances and the net bulging on quite a few occasions. Plenty of goal scoring talent on the pitch here so over 3.5 goals is certainly achievable and is holding good value.

Argentina v Croatia predictions

Argentina to win 6/5* ❌

Over 3.5 goals 7/2* ❌

20th June

Portugal v Morocco 13:00

I’m seeing today being a lot more straight forward than those previous. With the difficult game over and a point gained from it, Portugal will be keen to now finish the job with two wins from two much weaker opponents.

Portugal do seem to be heavily reliant on their superstar, but if that was enough to bag a point against Spain, I’m sure it will be enough to see off Morocco. I’m also expecting Ronaldo to build on the three goals he scored in this match so the win and Ronaldo to score market is where my second bet will be placed.

Portugal v Morocco predictions

Portugal to win 8/11* ✅

Portugal to win and Ronaldo to score 6/5* ✅

Uruguay v Saudi Arabia 16:00

It’s hard to give Saudi Arabia any chance in this match after witnessing them get their backsides handed to them in their opening match against Russia.

Uruguay has a disappointing first game but did walk away with all the points and they know that a win here will secure group qualification for both them and Russia as well as also sealing Egypt and the Saudi’s fate. I’m not expecting any surprises here and am expecting Uruguay to win comfortably.

Uruguay v Saudi Arabia predictions

Uruguay to win 2/9* ✅

Uruguay -2 handicap 21/10* ❌

Iran v Spain 19:00

Again this should be plain sailing for the favourites in this match. Spain impressed me the most throughout all the first group fixtures despite not being able to pick up all three points against Portugal. They showed the ability to score goals when needed to and largely controlled the game.

Iran performed really well and deserved their three points in their opening game. They know they really need another point here at least if they are to have a chance of qualifying, but I see that task being too much for them. Spain have far too much quality to discount them against a much weaker opponent here, given the circumstances in my opinion.

Iran v Spain predictions

Spain to win 2/7* ✅

Spain to win both halves 15/8* ❌

19th June

Colombia v Japan 13:00

Colombia play their football with a nice mix of speed, technicality and intelligence and I can see this blend trumping the predominant speed and pressing style of the Japanese. Colombia have looked good in their warm up matches, scoring well and beating some big name teams such as France. Japan on the other hand have been scoring few and failing to beat weaker teams such as Ghana and Mali.

These two teams faced each other in the 2014 World Cup and the result ended up 4-1 to Colombia. I’m expecting a similar result. The handicaps market has caught my attention and I see good value in Colombia -2 at 13/2 and this is where my second stake will be placed.

Colombia v Japan predictions

Colombia to win 8/11* ❌

Colombia -2 13/2* ❌

Poland v Senegal 16:00

Poland go in to this game as clear favourites for the win, but I can see Senegal being a sticky opponent to face. They have pace and power all over the pitch and have previously shown as a nation back in 2002 that they can compete when they reached the quarter finals.

I don’t see this game as a walkover for Poland by any stretch, they performed badly against Nigeria back in March and have been conceding quite a few goals but have also been finding the back of the net quite frequently. A tough match to call but I’m seeing this is an open game with plenty of goals coming from both teams. I’m going with a 3-2 victory for Poland come the final whistle.

Poland v Senegal predictions

Poland to win 7/5* ❌

Poland to win 3-2 50/1* ❌

Russia v Egypt 19:00

The Russians looked strong in their opening game both going forward and at the back as they thumped Saudi Arabia 5-0. Egypt will be a much bigger challenge though I think as they proved that they can be sticky opponents to face against Uruguay.

Salah will surely be getting game time here as that last minute goal from Uruguay now means Egypt have to start throwing some caution to the wind. The home crowd will also play their part in the match to keep the Russian morale high and I see that factor along with the Russian’s ability to counter quickly against a degree of desperation bringing more misery to the Egyptian camp. A close game but I’m predicting Russia to just about take all the points here.

Russia v Egypt predictions

Russia to win 11/10* ✅

Russia to win by 1 goal 66/25* ❌

18th June

Sweden v Korean Republic 13:00

This fixture comes attached with plenty of uncertainty. Neither team have had a prolific run-in to their World Cup finals campaign and after yesterday’s results it’s difficult to keep faith in the favourites pulling off a victory. Two varying styles of play should make for a good game of football, but one that is very hard to predict an outcome. The draw has odds and likeliness for me to place my money here in the win/draw/win market, although I will not be putting my house down on it.

Both teams participating have failed to score in their last two matches, so I am not anticipating this match to be a goal-fest. The odds aren’t great in the under 3.5 goals market and although this is a safer option, I see the under 2.5 goals odds offering better value.

Sweden v Korean Republic predictions

Match result = Draw 2/1* ❌

Under 2.5 Goals 4/7*  ✅

Belgium v Panama 16:00

Belgium and Panama get Group G underway and despite the shock results that have occurred over the last couple of days, it’s hard to predict an upset here whilst keeping a straight face in my opinion. Absolutely no value in the odds whatsoever at 2/11, but I cannot see any other outcome away from Belgium picking up all three points here. Belgium have been scoring well and freely leading up to the tournament and I expect them to carry on that trend against a weaker opponent who have been the complete opposite.

Kevin De Bruyne and has a fantastic season with Manchester City and is holding very good value in the anytime goalscorer market in my opinion at 3/1* with Paddy Power and Betfair. I’m expecting the Panama strategy to be to contain rather than to go on the offensive, so it may very well lead to the frontmen like Lukaku having to hold the ball up for oncoming midfielders to run on to, in order to open them up.

Belgium v Panama predictions

Belgium to win 2/11* ✅

Kevin De Bruyne to score anytime 3/1* ❌

Tunisia v England 19:00

With being an Englishman myself, I have my usual rose tinted glasses on and expect England to demonstrate on the World stage that we should be classed as serious contenders to go all the way to the final and beyond. Nobody has that image in their heads at the moment, but there’s every opportunity to plant it there after some abysmal performances by the so-called giants of Brazil, Argentina and Germany. England have the capability to do some serious damage to Tunisia and should feel like doing so in order to send out that message, and a long with it a small sense of fear to upcoming opponents. I very much hope they do and will be putting my money on outcomes that lead towards this outcome.

England have disappointed me though, pretty much throughout my entire life (86 and 90 may be the exception where there was a small amount of pride), so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this game was to end with Tunisia getting a smash-and-grab 1-0 victory! I remain hopeful yet vigilant enough to let myself be crushed were this to happen!

So away from the England to win selection for my overall prediction of the match I’ve also been looking fro value elsewhere and quite like a request a bet special with betfred of any player to score a direct free kick at 7/1. I would expect there to be a few free kicks around the Tunisia box, has good value in the odds and also covers the unfortunate and unlikely event that Tunisia bang one in from 25 yards out.

Tunisia v England predictions

England to win 4/9* ✅

A player to score a direct free kick 7/1* ❌

17th June

Costa Rica v Serbia 13:00

Costa Rica are my dark horses of the tournament and I am anticipating them to shock most people by qualifying through the group stage behind Brazil. With that said, Costa Rica must pick up three points here to give them every chance of doing so. I am fully aware that Serbia are no pushovers, but with my gut feeling telling me Costa Rica and the odds currently being offered at 4/1, my head is saying to back the underdogs here.

I’m not seeing much value elsewhere for this fixture so am going with a low odds prediction and selection to keep the game spicy.

Costa Rica v Serbia predictions

Costa Rica to win 4/1* ❌

A goal in both halves 13/10* ❌

Germany v Mexico 16:00

Germany have not been the most inspirational on the pitch prior to the tournament kicking off, but we all know what the defending champions are capable of when things heat up and they get their serious faces on. This is a team that has proven to be there or there about, when looking at the latter stages of the tournament, so I am anticipating them getting off to a good start here.

I really like the look of German striker Timo Werner and quite fancy him to be up there in the Golden Boot table come the end of the tournament. I see him getting off to a flyer in this match and with ageing strikers around him, I see him being the focal point for the German attack. I maybe a little greedy here by predicting him to be the first goalscorer, but I’m attracted by the bigger odds of 3/1 on this occurring. The safest option would be to go for him anytime but you pay for this in the return (odds at time of publishing at 7/5*)

Germany v Mexico predictions

Germany to win 4/9 ❌

Timo Werner first goalscorer 3/1 ❌

Brazil v Switzerland 19:00

Many people’s fancy for outright tournament winner, brazil shouldn’t have too much of an issue despatching Switzerland here. Huge names all over the pitch will be wearing the yellow shirt and I can’t see any way of the Swiss being able to compete here. Pretty much of a no-brainer to back the favourites for this match, although I can still hear the echos of people saying that about Argentina yesterday! The Brazil win is no certainty, but as good as, as far as me and betting predictions are concerned.

Brazil tend not to start tournaments explosively, so although I am expecting them to win comfortably, I am not expecting them to produce an overwhelming victory. I envisage the Swiss concentrating more on stopping the Brazilian piles of pressure going forwards to focus on actually scoring a goal, so it makes perfect sense for me that Brazil will keep a clean sheet and go through patches struggling to find space in their oppositions third. A 2-0 victory seems on the cards in my opinion, and at 11/2 I also sense a small amount of value.

Brazil v Switzerland predictions

Brazil to win 4/9* ❌

Brazil to win 2-0 11/2* ❌

16th June

France v Australia 11:00

France have quality oozing out of every position that much so, that you could probably make another credible World Cup squad from the players that failed to be selected to represent their country in Russia. But France have shown in previous world cups the ability to harmonise, to work together as one. This may be something that hinders them throughout the tournament but I see them getting off to a good start here.

Australia have never been world beaters and although they have shown to be resilient and hard to break down, they never tend to have pose too much of an attacking threat against more superior teams.

A lot is expected of Griezmann in this tournament, no more so probably than by himself. Another striker always looking to capitalise on mistakes and with Ronaldo scoring a hat-trick last night, I’m sure he will be keen to score a few himself in order to compete for the Golden boot award.

France v Australia predictions

France to win 1/4* ✅

Griezmann to score 2 or more 5/1* ❌ 

(scored 1 but was then subbed off after 70 mins 🤬 )

Argentina v Iceland 14:00

Lionel Messi gets his World Cup campaign up and running against Iceland and will be looking to snatch all three points along with all the other members of his team. Iceland proved that they are no walkover when they knocked England out of Euro 2016. I wouldn’t fancy the England team of 2016 against the current Argentina squad though and the fact that Croatia pose more of a threat in the group than Iceland to Argentina, makes me believe the Argentines will be looking to go all out for the win here rather than easing themselves in to the tournament with slow, safe, methodical play.

I’m expecting Argentina to set their intentions out early and press from the kick off. With that in mind I’m liking the value in the odds found in the ‘Argentina to be leading after 15 minutes market at 18/5. nipping this game in the bud nice and early will also mean key players can be rested towards the later stages if the game is already pretty much wrapped up and that is the way I see the game going.

Argentina v Iceland predictions

Argentina to win 4/11* ❌

Argentina to be leading after 15 minutes 18/5* ❌

(Argentina scored and led on 19 minutes 🤬)

Peru v Denmark 17:00

Great odds here in my opinion for the Peru win at around 5/2, who have shown they can be a force to be reckoned with over the last couple of years. They have consistently beaten weak/average teams and have even held their own against teams such as Argentina and Colombia. Denmark on the other hand have struggled to put away teams such as Panama and even managed to lose against Jordan back in March. Yet Denmark go in to the game favourites 🤔. The fact the weather also appears to currently be hot and humid indicates the climate could very well favour the South American’s more as well.

Because I see so much value in the odds for the Peru win I’m also willing to stick my neck out here and go with a bit of a long shot at around 47/4*. The market I’m looking at is ‘Peru to win both halves’. This market isn’t available with every bookie, but was available with Unibet, Marathonbet and 888Sport. Marathonbet were best priced at time of publishing. I’m going with a low stake here, but would still lead to a handsome return if it were to come in. Denmark have proven to be a consistent low scoring side leading up to the tournament and may well get found out here against some South American flare.

Peru v Denmark predictions

Peru to win 5/2* ❌

Peru to win both halves 47/4* ❌

Croatia v Nigeria 20:00

Nigeria are viewed as being the weakest African nation to be participating in this year’s tournament and although they put up a good fight against England in their last warm up match, I don’t foresee them pulling a surprise out of the bag here on centre stage. Nigeria do have quality on board in their squad, no doubt, but they are not renowned for linking up well to create fluent flowing football the likes of which will be needed in order to open up a pumped up Croatian defence.

Croatia haven’t had the best of run-ins to the tournament but have always displayed a mechanical approach that is hard to break down, as well as always posing a threat in their opponent’s half of the pitch. Semi-finalists and third place finishers back in 1998, but since then have either failed to qualify (2010) or have failed to get out of the group stage successfully and that will something they will want to address and correct this year. They performed well against Cameroon in the last tournament in the group stages, beating them 4-0 and I am expecting a similar scoreline here.

Croatia v Nigeria predictions

Croatia to win 4/5* ✅

Croatia to score 3 or more goals 7/2* ❌

15th June

Egypt v Uruguay 13:00

So who was the better player for Liverpool; Mo Salah or Luis Suarez? I’m not going to get involved in that debate but there’s a possibility they could be facing up against each other here. Egypt aren’t known to be prolific scorers, but they have shown good resilience against being scored against. Take England’s group match against Egypt as an example back in 1990. A solitary headed goal from Mark Wright won the match for England but the affair was a very dull and uninspiring one.

With this in mind I’m not expecting Egypt to win here, but I am expecting them to put up more of a defensive fight than the Saudis did yesterday!

Egypt v Uruguay predictions

Uruguay to win 1/2* ✅

Under 3.5 goals 2/7* ✅

Morocco v Iran 16:00

Probably not one of the most anticipated matches of the tournament, but still there’s a lot to play for, for the teams involved here. I’m going with the Morocco win here. They have a slightly stronger team in my opinion and a team that is more well travelled away from their home country to play their domestic football and therefore should have better development opportunities and and a wider range of strategies in their locker. I’m also expecting a fair few dodgy challenges – both out of desperation and lack of experience. And due to the lack of cards shown in the first match I’m hoping karma evens itself out by producing a few in this match. Good value in the ‘Each team over one card’ selection available at William Hill, which is currently at 2/1.

Morocco v Iran predictions

Morocco to win 5/4* ❌

Each team over one card 2/1* ❌

Portugal v Spain 19:00

The match of the day as far as the quality on show is concerned. The regarded one man band of Portugal take on the mighty manager-less Spain. A difficult one to call here with both teams having quality, but also difficulties to overcome. Spain are probably the more complete package, but it is hard to gauge how the loss of their manager will affect them. Because of these uncertainties Stake amounts will be low here personally, but just big enough to keep me on the edge of the seat throughout the entire match.  My head is telling me that the sensible option here is the draw and with so much talent on display i’m also anticipating both teams to be more than capable of finding the back of the net.

Portugal v Spain predictions

Match result = Draw 23/10* ✅

Both teams to score 11/10 ✅

14th June

Russia v Saudi Arabia.

The match opening the tournament involves hosts Russia versus Saudi Arabia. The Saudi’s are perceived as being the weakest side on paper in the tournament and as such it is hard to see them gaining any points here. Russia have suffered a few losses in warm up matches for the world cup, but by tough opponents such as France and Brazil and these games would have been a good lesson for all involved. Add to the fact that Russia will not want to let their people or their president down in the opening fixture and you get a confident opening World Cup prediction from me that Russia will take all three points here. You’re not going to get fantastic odds, but certainly the safest bet in mine and many others’ opinions. Odds are currently floating around 4/9 on the Russia win.

In terms of identifying any value odds, I quite fancy the ‘penalty in the match’ market. Paddy Power (at time of writing) were offering 16/5 on a penalty being awarded, which I see as a likely outcome. There is a lot riding on this game for both teams and nervous, inexperienced legs can get clumsy and desperate. If I were to back this market on any game throughout the finals, it would be the opening game or the final itself.

Russia v Sadia Arabia predictions

Russia to win ✅

A penalty to be awarded ❌

Outright winner predictions.

Brazil head in to the tournament as outright favourites, although I believe they are still hanging on to their past a little. Their last tournament victory was back in 2002 and they were highly embarrassed in the last tournament when Germany walloped them 7-1 on their own turf, securing a 5-0 lead within the first 30 minutes.

It’s hard to see them adopting a gelled South American style of football you saw throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s when pretty much all of the squad play their domestic football throughout Europe.

Instead I fancy the Germans to defend their previous tournament win in 2014. They have been prolific throughout the history of the tournament at reaching the final, have previously won it four times and have a very capable and well oiled squad we are used to seeing at this event.

This is by no means a certainty and although I will be placing a single on Germany, I will also be placing some hedged bets where I see the value to cover the single stake. Outright bets are as follows;

Bet 1

Germany to win the World Cup 5/1 with Unibet*

Bet 2

Germany to win the World Cup 5/1 with Unibet*

Spain to win the World Cup 13/2 with Betway*

Argentina to win the World Cup 11/1 with Unibet*

An equal stake on all three selections will see a profit as long as one of the three selected teams go on to win.

This strategy leans heavily towards the Germans winning and completely discounts Brazil and France as likely winners; Brazil for the reasons above and France due to history of unrest in the dressing room and key players underperforming domestically.

Koscielny will be missed due to injury, Pogba hasn’t looked like the player people had expected him to be and Giroud has fallen victim to a squad rotational system at Chelsea affecting his game time and consistency. Yes Griezmann and Mbappe remain threats to any opposing team, but I don’t foresee a harmonic team ethic or free flowing football on the pitch to create tournament winning performances throughout.

Group stage predictions

Group A

Winners – Uruguay 

Runners up – Egypt

Group B

Winners – Spain

Runners up – Portugal

Group C

Winners – France

Runners up – Peru

Group D

Winners – Argentina

Runners up – Croatia

Group E

Winners – Brazil

Runners up – Costa Rica

Group F

Winners – Germany

Runners up – Sweden

group G

Winners – Belgium

Runners up – England

Group H

Winners – Poland

Runners up – Colombia

I don’t envisage any African team progressing past the group stages and I am predicting the surprise team of the tournament to be Costa Rica.

They have shown to be stubborn opponents in previous World cups; beating Scotland in 1990 and drawing to England in 2014, for example. They narrowly missed entering the Semi final stages of the last tournament by losing to The Netherlands in the quarter finals – decided by a penalty shootout.

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*Odds were correct at time of writing and are subject to change.