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Yankee bet explained

A Yankee bet is very similar to the coverall bet ‘the Lucky 15’ but rather than 15 bets it only consists of 11 bets instead. This is not a full cover bet, as singles are not counted, but covers you for a return if two or more out of the 4 selections comes in. You can also take this bet each way which makes it 22 lines rather than the standard 11. If you are wondering “what is a yankee bet?” then this page will now explain in detail and in simple terms. If you would like any other bets explaining send us a tweet to @bettingappscom or check out our blog category betting explained

Yankee bet explained

The simple answer to what is a yankee bet is –

  • 6  x doubles
  • 4  x trebles
  • 1  x 4-fold accumulator

This means that every possible bet is covered if all four teams win (every possible double, every possible treble and the straight acca), but you also benefit from not losing all your stake should only 1, 2 or 3 selections win. You may still see a profit depending on what odds your winning selections were at.

Please note that the amount you add to the bet slip will be multiplied by the number of lines (11 for a Yankee) for all multiple bets. when adding your stake, you are entering the amount you want to place on EACH line and therefore if you enter a £1 stake, your total risk and outlay will be £11.

To get this bet you need to have 4 selections in your bet basket, either on desktop or on mobile. For some bookies (Like the bet365 app) you will need to use the drop down on multiples to get this option as a number of them push for accumulators rather than coverall bets. Please see images below for a better understanding of what we mean…

Here you can see my four selections, the option to back each as a single and also to back the accumulator at the bottom. However you will also see a ‘show all multiples’  option between the accumulator option and total balance/balance after bet options towards the bottom of the page.

Yankee bet guide

tap on the ‘show all multiples’ option and it will open up more options revealing the Yankee bet selection, as well as all other bet options related to the amount of selections within your bet slip.

Yankee bet on mobile

You will also see an option for a Lucky 15. To learn more about the Lucky15, click on the button below once you have finished reading this page.

Lucky15 button

Yankee example

Selection 1 – 1/1 (S1)

Selection 2 – 1/1 (S2)

Selection 3 – 1/1 (S3)

Selection 4 – 1/1 (S4)

bet combinations

  1. S1 + S2
  2. S1 + S3
  3. S1 + S4
  4. S2 + S3
  5. S2 + S4
  6. S3 + S4
  7. S1 + S2 + S3
  8. S1 + S2 + S4
  9. S1 + S3 + S4
  10. S2 + S3 + S4
  11. S1 + S2 + S3 + S4

In this example, we will pretend we have backed a Yankee bet with 4 results all at evens for a £1 per line stake (a total stake of £11). If one of the results wins and the other three lose then we will not get a return and we would have lost our £11.

If two of the four-win then we would return £4, which is one double with both legs at evens, this would represent a £7 loss.

If three of the four bets won the yankee bet would return £20 giving a profit of £9 this means one of the trebles has one and three of the doubles.

If all four of the bets win then the return is considerably better at £72 making a £61 total profit. The Yankee is a very good bet when you have a few picks at reasonable odds that you are confident of at least two of them winning.

We hope this helps to explain what is a yankee bet, please contact us via twitter or on google + if you would like any other bets explaining or have any questions about a yankee bet. Our recommended apps for all multiple bets are the Bet365 app and The TVG mobile App due to their ease of placement on both mobile sites, betting apps and desktop sites.