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At BettingApps Nigeria, our aim is to provide a platform to help guide you in your search for a betting app.

It is our hope that our in-depth reviews and analysis will point you in the direction of the betting app that suits your needs.

Using our specially curated guides, we have studied all the top betting apps in Nigeria.

We examined all their unique features, gathering as much information as possible to ensure you have everything you need when deciding where to place your bet.

We hope that our reviews meet your expectations and the decision on a preferred betting app is based on some of our recommendations.

Meet The Betting Apps Nigeria Team

Check out the team behind Betting Apps Nigeria!
Tolulope Shotade
Tolulope Shotade
Editor-In-Chief, Betting Apps Nigeria

I started out my professional life as radio sports presenter, grew into television and then began writing sports articles and match previews.

As the sports betting market began to grow in Nigeria, I started to pay more attention to it and began studying betting sites and apps.

Soon enough, I had gathered enough knowledge to start writing my personal blogs on betting markets, outcomes and operators. I am a big Arsenal fan and a lifelong supporter of my local team in Nigeria, Shooting Stars.

I am constantly looking through different betting apps to see which offers the best experience for different features.

So, when it comes to betting apps in Nigeria, take my word for it!

Ayo Adesanya
Ayo Adesanya
Betting Apps Bonus Expert

My name is Ayo Adesanya, Nigeria's No. 1 bonus hunter!

I have spent the best part of the last ten years hunting for bonuses across betting apps in Nigeria.

If I’m not downing my plate of Amala and ewedu soup, you will find me on my phone seeking out the best betting bonuses around.

And I am only happy to share my experience (the betting bonuses part, and not the amala part!) and knowledge with you!

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