Football Betting Apps Guide [UK]

Welcome to our best football betting apps blog. Here you will find the betting apps we believe stand out from the rest when it comes to betting on football from your mobile phone. So let’s get to it. Check out our favourites list below.

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    • Our top 7 apps for football betting
    • Top 7 football betting apps

      Here are the best apps independently rated by the betting apps UK team.

      RankAppFeaturesGet AppCash Out?Bet Builder?Coupons
      • Bet builder with instant prices with #YourOdds
      • Daily coupons, along with coupons on most major markets
      • Rated as the best app for Android
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      • Unique offers for football betting and major matches
      • Popular exclusive coupons such as double delight
      • Easy app to use and bet
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      3Esports betting at bet365
      • We found over 150 betting markets for major matches
      • The app seems simple and logical to navigate
      • Lots of coupons covering UK, Europe & ROW on many markets
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      4William Hill
      • Price boosts on major matches
      • Pick your own daily price boost (Ts & C's apply)
      • See the daily top 10 football bets on the app
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      • Special offers and enhanced prices on major games (Ts & Cs apply)
      • Fun themed app that is a breeze to navigate
      • Play the Coral football jackpot coupon weekly
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      6Paddy Power
      • Football betting offers such as money back specials
      • Lots of social media football banter 
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      • Football betting is always on the app home page
      • Special offers around major tournaments 
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      Football betting apps guide

      Here’s everything you need to know about football betting in the UK!

      Goal markets

      Football is all about scoring goals, so it makes sense that there’s a lot of choices here in terms of bet type. Goal times, goal types, goal amounts and team goals are all possible to bet on. The over/unders option is particularly popular within the Goals markets.

      With Over/under goal markets, you are betting on whether the number of goals in the game (or per team) will be over or under a certain number. To prevent a grey area appearing if the number matches the number of goals, 0.5 increments are used as the set number. For example over 1.5 goals. Bets can be placed on a specific half, a specific team or as a total in the match. A few examples can be found below;

      1. Over 1.5 goals in match.
      2. Under 3.5 goals by home team.
      3. Over 2.5 first half goals.

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      Goalscorer markets

      These markets are all about the individuals on the pitch and whether they can find the onion bag or not. Odds are provided for each player eligible to play. Obviously the strikers and top goal scorers have the shortest odds, with defenders and unlikely scorers having much longer.

      Goal Scorer Betting Markets

      Betting on a player to score multiple times is readily available, as is a certain player to score the first goal in the match. It will come as no surprise to hear that the likes of Ronaldo and Messi are good options in these types of markets in most matches.

      Goalscorer markets can also be combined with the outright markets to extend the odds given. For example, if you were to choose Messi to score anytime in the match, you may wish to combine this selection with the Barcelona win to strengthen the level of return slightly. This option is usually available as a single selection rather than actually physically having to combine it.

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      Both teams to score

      One of the most popular markets currently away from the outright market is both teams to score markets. Here, you are simply betting on whether both teams will score or not. With goals being scored anywhere from the first minute to the final kick, this type of bet usually keeps the adrenaline rushing right up to the final whistle.

      Single odds on this type of bet are usually quite consistent, hovering around the evens mark. However, bundle a few of these selections together into an accumulator and the odds soon become a lot more attractive.

      This market can also incorporate the outright selection too. For example, the home team to win and both teams to score. It only takes three or four of these types of picks to bring about astronomical returns. Be warned though, this does look a lot easier than it is in reality. Hence the hefty odds attached to winning one.

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      Various forms of handicap betting can be attached to a football fixture to bring about either less risk or a greater return on the outright selections. These are usually represented by a positive or negative symbol followed by a number. Eg, Home team +2 or Away teamTeam -1.

      Handicap Betting Markets

      The unit in question here is goals. In the first example, the home team would be given a 2 goal handicap. Effectively this is saying that team A has a two goal advantage. For this bet to lose the away team would need to win by two goals or more. A two goal lead would tie the match once the virtual handicap had been applied so if you had picked the to win option, this would lose.

      You can choose to select what is known as an Asian handicap to safeguard yourself against a draw. In an Asian handicap, money is returned if the result ends in a tie once the virtual handicap has been applied to the actual end result. There are also half lines available, for example Home team -1.5. By adding the 0.5 in to the equation this eliminates the possibility of a tied result entirely.

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      Corner betting

      Forget goals, now you can bet purely on corners! Sounds bonkers, but some people love it and have been quite successful from it as well.

      Corner Betting Markets

      If you have the time to research corner statistics to identify trends, it could well give you a slight edge over the average corner betting punter. Some teams play a lot wider than others, leading to more corner opportunities. People have started noticing this and have started to bet accordingly.

      You can bet on team corners, match corners, first-half corners, second-half corners, race to a certain amount of corners, team to get next corner and the list goes on.

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      Card betting

      Another element of the football game that has opened itself up into its own betting category is match disciplinary action.

      Card Betting Markets

      Now you can bet on how many times the ref reaches into his/her pocket. You can bet on individual players to be booked, team bookings, match bookings, number of red cards and more. Some bookies use a booking points system whereby a yellow card is worth 10 points and a yellow card is worth 25 points ( 2 x yellows resulting in a red is worth 35 points). You then have the option of betting on whether the number of booking points will be above or below a certain number.

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      Creating your own bet

      Most reputable online bookmakers offer users the opportunity to create their own custom bet. Each bookmaker has a slightly different name for this particular feature, but there is very little difference between the offerings or idea behind the feature. Here you can combine multiple elements of football to create your own personalised bet. Select or request your elements and a price will be given back to you. If you are happy with the odds offered, you can then go ahead and place that bet. Elements that are typically used for customised bets are:

      • Outright market
      • Both teams to score markets
      • Goalscorer markets
      • Corner markets
      • Card markets

      Here is an example from the Betvictor app – One of the best apps for Bet builders.

      Bet builders for football betting

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      Types of football bets.

      1. Singles – One selection
      2. Doubles – Two selections
      3. Trebles – Three selections
      4. Accumulators – a term used for a bet consisting of multiple selections, all of which must-win for the bet to be successful.

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