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Betway App Review

Daniel McKenna

Betway is renowned around the world as one of the elite betting apps, and their Canadian offering is no different. With an official Ontario license, Betway is on pace to be one of Canada's biggest & best sports betting apps.

Why should you choose the Betway App?

  • The best betting app for eSports in Canada
  • An extensive online casino integrated straight into the platform
  • Deep betting markets, including loads of international leagues
  • Many payment options like Interac, iDebit, and PaySafeCard

Our Rating - 9/10

Reviewed by Avery Hutchison 05/17/2024

Betway score

  • Great for eSports
  • Integrated casino
  • Great for returning players
  • Interac & PaySafe accepted
  • Live betting is vanilla
  • No PayPal support
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

Betway Review

Betway comes with a prestigious background and a reputation as one of the best betting apps in the world. While many Canadian bettors may be familiar with the brand, it's the recent acquisition of a betting license in Ontario that firmly sets Betway on the path to being one of the top betting apps in Canada.

Betway App Store Canada

Aside from their reputation, there are quite a few areas Betway excels at as a sports betting app, but these features are some to really get excited about:

Betway App

9/10 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The Betway app is certainly a selling point of the product, with many features you'd expect from a top-tier betting site. While it may not have the flashy look of some other well-known brands, it is incredibly clear, easy to navigate, and straight to the point - which we think is great! Oh, and there is also an integrated casino which makes for even more ways to enjoy Betway.

Betway eSports

10/10 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

eSports have blown up in popularity and have really taken Canada by storm. Betway understands this and has really prioritised betting on gaming events more than other betting apps. If you want to wager and follow a ton of different games all with deep leagues, Betway has you covered.

Betway Markets

9/10 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

It may seem obvious that having deep betting markets makes for a better experience, but Betway really shines in this area. Not only are there a ton of different sports to wager on, but each option also has numerous leagues from around the world, so you'll always be able to find something to bet on, and can enjoy wagering on leagues and players you may never have heard of.

Betway Has Room to Improve
Avery Hutchison

Avery Hutchison

It's impossible to say a betting app is perfect, and while Betway shines in many areas, there is still room for improvement.

  • PayPal

There is no shortage of payment methods on Betway, which is great, except for one we would say is a pretty obvious choice to have - PayPal. The incredibly popular e-wallet is used all over the world, and on many other betting apps, which makes it quite surprising that Betway does not offer it as a payment option. We expect this to change soon as they have only recently become licensed in Ontario.

  • UX and Interface

There is really nothing bad to say about the Betway app's usability, and as mentioned above we think the simple and clear design is quite strong. That being said some simple improvements would make it pop just a little more. Even just making the sport selections feel less like a spreadsheet would make them stand out and feel more inviting to scroll through.

How Does Betway Compare?BetwayUnibetBet365
Betting variety10/109/1010/10
Mobile experience9/108/1010/10
Payment Options10/109/1010/10
Betting experience10/108/1010/10

Betway Canada

Betway has operated in Canada for several years but only recently was granted an official license by Ontario, moving the betting app out of the 'grey area' of online gambling into the regulated market, and swiftly to a household name for Ontario betting apps.

This was a great step for one of the world's best betting apps, and has allowed it to expand on numerous features Canadians will be able to enjoy - like more payment methods!

Betway App

Available for both iOS and Android, the Betway app is something we certainly recommend downloading if you want an easy-to-use platform on the go. The custom-built apps for both Android and Apple devices allow for improved functionality, speed, and even quick logins.

Betway App Home Screen Comparison
Betway App Comparison Betway Bet365 Unibet
App AvailabilityiOS & AndroidiOS & AndroidiOS & Android
App Store Rating4.7/54.5/53.2/5
Play Store Rating4.3/52.3/54.1/5
Quick LoginFaceIDFaceIDFaceID
iOS SoftwareiOS 12.0 and lateriOS 12.0 and lateriOS 14.0 and later
Android Software5.0 and up5.0 and up6.0 and up

One of the most obvious things about the Betway app when you open it up is the look and the lack of an exciting UX. While it has a little more pizazz than a betting app like bet365, which has been stripped down to the basics, Betway suffers from floating in that in-between area with design.

The navigation and layout are incredibly intuitive, but there are certain sections that feel like they've been pulled from a spreadsheet rather than designed as a button. While we can't knock the overall usability of the app, minor tweaks like this would help highlight just how good Betway is.

Betway App Review
Patrick Corkery

Patrick Corkery

Betway fairs very well when it comes to reviews on the Play Store and App Store, with a solid 4.3 and 4.7 stars respectively. Of course, public reviews of an app are generally skewed down as most come from negative reviews, this is not the case with Betway, and we have to agree, giving the Betway app our rating of:

9/10 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Betway iOS

Betway is one of the top sports betting apps on the App Store in Canada, boasting a respectable 4.7/5 stars.

Screen Shot 2022 08 18 at 4 27 31 PM

App Store reviews for Betway App

Betway Android

A bit lower than the App Store rank, the Android version of the Betway app is a solid 4.3/5 stars, which is great since many downloads still come directly from the Betway site through an APK.

Screen Shot 2022 08 18 at 4 27 56 PM

Google Play Store reviews for Betway App

How to: Betway App Download

Register Your Account

The first thing to do is head on over to the Betway site by clicking here or on one of the big green 'play now' buttons.

To register your account you just need to enter a few details like:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Country (Canada)

This is totally standard for a betting app and ensures all legal regulations are complied with for your safety.

Betway Canada Registration
Download the App

Once you've registered, just head over to the App Store of Google Play Store to download the Betway app.

  • just search 'Betway' and the Canadian version of the betting app will show up

Looking for the Betway APK?

If you're an android user you also have the option of downloading the Betway app directly from the betting site through an APK - just read a little further below for steps on how to download the Betway app apk.

Play Store and App Store Logos Stacked
Sign In and Bet!

Once the betting app is fully downloaded, you can sign in and start betting!

  • You even have the option of enabling FaceID or fingerprint logins to make it even quicker to get going.

You can also check out any promotions and the casino section to see what the popular wagers are.

Betway app login

Betway APK

For a long time, betting apps were not allowed on the Google Play Store, and although this has now changed and you can find betting apps listed there, Betway still offers an APK download directly from their website.

You can find the betting app on the Play Store, but if you prefer a direct download, here is how it works:

Downloading the Betway APK

Downloading the Betway app through an APK is quite easy, and only takes a few clicks and less than a minute.

  • Navigate to the app download page on Betway
  • Tap the button to download (if you are looking at the Betway site on your desktop, you can also scan a QR code to start the download!)
  • Accept any permissions (this just confirms to your Android device you are happy with downloading from a website)
  • Add the app to your home screen!

It's really that simple, and once you've downloaded the APK you can enjoy everything the Betway app has to offer from your device!

Betway apk download canada

Betway Online Betting

The most important part of any betting app is the actual sports betting. With years of experience in delivering a high-quality and feature-packed sportsbook, Betway does not disappoint when looking at betting features and betting markets.

Betway Sports
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • UFC/Martial Arts
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Boxing
  • Lacrosse
  • Cricket
  • Aussie Rules
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Volleyball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Formula 1
  • eSports
  • Gaelic Sports
  • Greyhounds
  • Handball
  • Motor Sports
  • Pesapallo
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • Snooker
  • Table Tennis
  • Virtual Sports

Betway In-Play Betting

Having the chance to capitalise on momentum swings and base your wagers on real-time action is an awesome feature from Betway. Their in-play (or live betting) features a ton of different sports that you don't always see on other betting apps, and they have excellent graphics to go alongside it to keep you informed immediately.

Betway Live Streaming

Live streaming sports have become a huge deal for betting apps, and although Betway may not be the best live-streaming option out there (you may need to look to Bet365 for example), there are several smaller sports you can watch live while you wager. You can watch live eSports directly from the app, which is a unique feature.

This has been a growing feature on the Betway app, and given the popularity of live streaming, they will certainly work on adding more major sports like the NHL to watch.

Betway Parlay

Making a parlay on Betway is one of the most enjoyable ways to bet since there is just so much creativity involved in combining multiple outcomes into a single, massive wager. While there is a heightened risk in a parlay since all 'legs' need to be correct to win, there is also a big jump in the potential payout.

An enticing offer, but how does it work?

How to parlay on Betway

Betway has a few ways you can parlay bet - the traditional multi-game parlay option, as well as the newer Same Game Parlay.

  • Building a multi-game parlay is easy, just select the outcomes on a few different games, and the option to wager as a parlay will automatically show up in your betslip!
  • A Same Game Parlay is a little different but just as easy. Betway features a Bet-Builder tool for sports that are eligible for same game parlays. When you select an eligible event, a tab at the top of the betting markets will be labeled 'bet-builder' and will show all the potential choices for combining a great same game parlay.

Other Betway Betting Features

Fluctuating Odds

An aspect of live betting, Betway highlights changes in odds through a game, by flashing the changes as red or green depending on whether it's an increase or decrease.

This is a subtle feature, but when you spend a long time on the in-play section it's very handy to know when you can get a great deal on favorable odds based on a recent play.

Betway Cash Out

Like any good betting app, Betway provides a 'cash out' option to take your money before the event even finishes. This is a nice bit of added security since there can always be unexpected changes at the very end of a game that ruin your bet.

Of course, when you cash out you won't get quite as much in winnings, but you will guarantee coming out on top.

Betway Same Game Parlay

Betway offers the traditional side of parlay betting by creating combinations of different game outcomes, but they have followed the trend and embraced the hugely popular Same Game Parlay.

Betway Same Game Parlays give you the chance to look deep into a particular matchup and combine multiple events like player props, over/under, and more into a single wager - with a massively increased potential payout.

Betway eSports

Betway Esports Review Banner

There is no doubt Betway is a market leader in Canada for eSports, as they offer a HUGE selection of the major eSports in its dedicated section of the betting app, along with live streaming capabilities!

Betway has even sponsored several notable eSports teams

Unlike some betting apps that only let you wager on win/lose, Betway has incorporated tons of different markets depending on what eSport you want to bet on. If you want to wager on League of Legends, for example, you can bet on Match Winner, Maps Played, Handicaps, Correct Score, and even which heroes will be picked!

Betway eSports

There are a number of eSports you can wager on with Betway:

  • CS:GO
  • League of Legends
  • DotA 2
  • Overwatch
  • Rainbow Six
  • Starcraft 2
  • Quake

You can even find event boosts and coupons

Betway Football

We are happy to report that Betway has updated their sports tab to reflect the difference between 'soccer' and 'football.' And they have also beefed up their football markets as well, with NFL, CFL, and NCAAF all featuring tons of different markets from live to future bets!

There are a ton of different ways to wager on football, including the standard money line and point spread, but Betway also showcases a number of futures bets, player props, and even unusual wagers like:

  • Race to 10 points
  • Player to score 3+ TDs
  • Total kicking points
  • Total rush attempts
  • First offensive play
  • Team to call first timeout
  • Longest touchdown
  • Total sacks

This is the kind of depth we love about Betway, and the only glaring absence from the football section of the betting app is a Same Game Parlay option.

Betway Soccer

While we mentioned the difference in how you can navigate to soccer or football, we also want to mention that Betway has a phenomenal selection for soccer wagering. This is expected from the global betting app which highlights the insanely popular sport, especially considering they sponsor West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur.

You can even use the Bet-Builder tool to create a same game parlay on soccer matches!

Betway Bonus

Unfortunately, due to Canadian regulations, we're not allowed to display any bonus offered by Betway. That being said, betting apps in Canada do offer a number of different kinds of betting bonuses and promos.

You'll commonly find Free Bets, Deposit Bonuses, Parlay Insurance, and more on Canadian betting apps like Betway. We also think that Betway is a great app aside from any bonuses, as it is packed full of great betting features, hosts tons of leagues and markets, and makes it very easy to manage your money.

Betway Bonus Code

You don't need a bonus code for Betway! Just head on over to the betting app by hitting one of the green buttons, and you'll be able to see for yourself all the great features we've been talking about!

Betway Free Bets

Free Bets are a way to place a wager without risking any of your own money - puts a smile on your face, right? You can usually find free bet bonuses as part of 'bet and get' promotions, or even just rewards for signing up. One thing to note about free bets is that you can only withdraw winnings, not the entire bet stake.

Betway Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend promos are fantastic and generally reward both you and a buddy with free bets. You can typically get a referral by sharing a unique code or link that someone enters when signing up.

We think betting is always more enjoyable when you know a few people who are also involved, as you can chat and compare wagers.

Betway Casino

It's not as common as you would think to get a sports betting app that also showcases a world-class casino app, but this is exactly what Betway offers.

Splits between three different sections, each focusing on its own aspect of a casino, you can enjoy a solid game variety from the Casino, Live Casino, and Vegas pages of the Betway app.

Betway Casino Android Mockups
Betway Poker

Betway doesn't really have a specialised poker section, though there are a number of other table games and blackjack options. If you navigate to the 'live casino' however, you will find several poker games in this area.

  • Live Ultimate Texas Hold'Em
  • Live 2-Card Hold'Em

When looking at blackjack all three areas of the Betway casino offerings have blackjack, both live and standard.

Betway Live Casino

The Betway Live Casino is spectacular, especially if you enjoy live roulette, baccarat, and blackjack to name only a few!)

There are many more game show style choices, as well as a large selection of dice games, so no matter which way you look there is an abundance of live casino features.

Betway Vegas

Betway Vegas is the real hub for slots and jackpots, so you can get that Vegas casino feel in a brilliant casino app.

Betway Payment Methods

Betway's payment options are actually quite good, with there being many convenient ways to move funds in and out of your account.

  • Interac
  • PaySafeCard
  • Instadebit
  • iDebit
  • Debit Card
  • Visa/Master Cards
  • Electronic Check
  • Ecopayz

Sadly there is no option for direct bank transfers or crypto payments yet.

Betway Deposits

Most deposits are instant, though it can sometimes take a few minutes to register depending on your method.

There are no deposit fees, and the minimum deposit is $10, with no maximum!

Betway Withdrawals

Withdrawal times depend on your method.

  • WebWallets take between a couple of hours to one day, though often are much quicker.
  • Card or bank withdrawals range from 2-3 business days.

Betway has a minimum withdrawal of $10, but the betting app charges no additional fees.

Betway Paypal

A major omission in our opinion, but Betway does not feature PayPal as a method to move funds. The popular e-wallet is a very easy-to-use way to manage your money, and we hope to see Betway add this soon.

Betway Customer Service

Customer service and support on Betway is standard, which isn't to say it's bad. You can find answers to most of the common questions in a reasonably robust FAQ page, but getting additional support beyond this is where Betway could make a few slight changes.

There is a choice to launch a live chat, but you do need to go through the FAQ page and select 'yes' after reading if you need more help. Overall the live chat is quick and the staff are helpful at solving problems, it would just be nicer to have a choice to head directly to this chat.

Additionally, the option for a phone line would be great, as sometimes being able to communicate directly can be helpful.

  • FAQ answers most standard questions
  • Live Chat is quick and helpful when you get to it
  • No Phone Line is a letdown

Betway Canada Review

Betway Review

You should use Betway if...

You want a diverse betting experience

Betway has tons of international leagues, an integrated casino, and the most extensive eSports betting experience in Canada. You can't ask for much more!

You need many ways to pay

Betway has most of the payment options you can think of, including credit cards, Interac, iDebit, and PaySafe among others. The PayPal omission is a bit surprising, but it's actually made up for bu the sheer number of options available.

You want high value

Betway is very generous to both new and returning players, ensuring you receive a ton of value from playing there. Due to regulatory restrictions, we can't go into much more detail than that, but you can click the 'PLAY NOW' button directly below to see more yourself.

Betway review

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