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Avery Hutchison

Coolbet has always been one of the most transparent and user-focussed betting apps in Canada, and paired with a huge selection of betting markets, unique features, and just an overall pleasant experience - Coolbet is already making a name for itself.

What makes Coolbet 'cool'?

  • The Combo Generator tool is a pretty fun and unique way to randomize your next bet, perfect if you need some inspiration.
  • If you're trying to string together a parlay, the Bet Builder makes it super easy to pick and choose bets from multiple events.
  • Deep betting markets from around the world are crucial to making a betting app worth coming back to, and Coolbet has tons of variety.

Reviewed by Avery Hutchison 06/17/2022

Coolbet Rating

  • Great live betting
  • Bet Builder and Combo Generator tools
  • Huge betting variety
  • No mobile app
  • Busy interface
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

Coolbet App - One of Canada's Coolest New Betting Apps

While it may not be the most recognizable or well-known betting app on the market, Coolbet has delivered a fresh and unique feel to the growing Canadian betting industry.

Maybe not surprising given it's already got 'cool' in the name, but seeing something other than a copy-and-paste betting app is really nice.

Coolbet isn't just different for the sake of being different, they've implemented their features in a way that actually works

Furthermore, the commitment to being an open and transparent betting app is something we respect, leading to an enjoyable betting experience built from looking at what users value.

Coolbet home screen desktop

There are a few bits to the Coolbet sportsbook that we think really stand out.

Coolbet Odds

8/10 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Anytime we look into the details of particular betting apps, the odds are something we focus on because they're a massive factor in wanting to actually bet with the sportsbook. Coolbet uses its own, in-house odds, which is fantastic since it cuts out the middle man and generally leads to better payouts for users given the sportsbook can set its own lines.

While we didn't notice the Coolbet odds were massively competitive or significantly better than other betting apps, the legal betting situation in Ontario is still fairly new, so we expect Coolbet to be a frontrunner for odds that work for the bettor soon.

Coolbet Variety

9/10 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Just like strong odds, having a large number of events to bet on not just in your own country but from around the world is fundamental to any good betting app. There are tons of different sports you can bet on with Coolbet, and a lot of the more niche sports have found a place here too!

And it doesn't actually end with the sports, you even have the option to bet on politics of entertainment when some major events are going on around the world.

Coolbet's Features

8/10 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

In an effort to stand out from the growing crowd of sports betting apps, Coolbet has implemented a few really interesting features that give some quality of life improvements as well as fun new twists.

The Combo Generator is especially 'cool,' and is something Coolbet can boast as their own. It helps throw together some random bets if you need inspiration, and then you can even take some ideas to the Bet Builder tool to put a parlay together.

Where Coolbet seems to have 'warmed' up...

As much as we can rave about a bunch of the great features Coolbet has added to their Canadian app, there are a few frustrating things we know can be improved.

  • Busy Interface

There is a lot to be said for a sleek and clean betting app design, it helps to get in, find your et, and place your wager without getting lost in a sea of buttons and pages you're not looking for. Coolbet has packed a lot into their platform, and while we love the effort to give the user absolutely everything they can think of and even more they couldn't, when you load up the page there is a lot in front of you that could be cleaned up a bit.

  • Support

The Coolbet support is there, with live chat and a pretty responsive email, but there isn't a phone number to reach out to. This may be a little nitpicky, but having the ability to actually talk to someone and resolve an issue quickly is always appreciated.

  • The Coolbet App... or not

We're in the modern era of smartphones, and Coolbet still doesn't have a dedicated mobile app even though they've been around since 2016 globally. There is a progressive web app, but it's not the same, and we will detail our thoughts on this 'app' all later in the review.

Coolbet Ontario

As of April 4th, 2022, Ontario opened up for sports betting apps to operate, and Coolbet was waiting in line to let users finally wager safely.

Officially recognized by iGaming Ontario and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, Coolbet is a regulated and licensed betting app in Ontario, Canada, which means it's time to pick your favorite Ontario teams to back in the coming seasons.

Coolbet FAQ

Where is Coolbet available?

Coolbet is available for bettors in Ontario, where it is fully legal and licensed.

The betting app is available on all mobile devices, which means you can also access your bet slip and place a wager anywhere in the province.

Does Coolbet have an app?

Sort of.

Coolbet has a Progressive Web App, which basically means they have optimised their web browser for mobile users, and you can simply create a shortcut to the page directly on your home screen.

While it does sacrifice some speed and a few easy log-in features really only available on proper apps, it makes Coolbet very accessible for iOS and Android users.

What is the Coolbet Bonus Code?

We're not legally allowed to talk about the specific bonuses on any betting apps in Canada, nor could we showcase any promotional codes.

However, there are plenty of other reasons to check out Coolbet like:

  • Great odds
  • Variety of sports
  • Unique betting features

Can I live bet on Coolbet?


Coolbet has a great live betting lobby that shows all the current and future events available for live betting.

Coolbet App - starting to freeze?

Excuse the awful attempt at a pun, but basically what we're trying to say is the Coolbet betting app has a ton of potential based on what the platform offers but is just not quite there for a few reasons.

First off - it's not actually a mobile app. Coolbet has chosen to provide users with what's called a Progressive Web App (PWA) instead of a native Android or iOS app you could download. Why is this a problem?

Progressive Web Apps Are Not That Cool

As we mentioned above, the Coolbet app isn't actually a mobile app. Instead, they've opted to provide smartphone and tablet users the option to link directly to the sportsbook from their homepages.

Without getting too much into the actual technical specs about why some sites choose to forego building a dedicated mobile app, it generally comes down to cost, server capacity, and ease. Suffice it to say as much as Coolbet is trying to portray this PWA as a better alternative, it's not - all this 'mobile app' does is link you to the browser, so the added benefits of speed, login credentials, and integration with your device are generally lost.

Coolbet Mobile App

Coolbet Mobile Mockup

While we bemoan the slight disappointment of not having a proper mobile app, the features on Coolbet have still been implemented with mobile use in mind, which does help alleviate our concerns and actually keeps our ranking for this betting app fairly high.

The actual layout of the betting app is still a bit cluttered, but the location of navigational buttons, dropdown menus, and bet slip are all super easy to use.

There has been a clear effort to design the layout in a way that does differ slightly from other betting apps, and it's worked out well, with Coolbet providing a comfortable user experience

We just hope they build out a full app soon to speed things up and make logging in a bit more streamlined!

How to Download the Coolbet App

Coolbet App Android

Now that you know what the Coolbet app is, here's how to get it 'downloaded' onto an Android device.


Head to Coolbet

The first thing to do is head over to the Coolbet website to get started, and all you need to do is hit one of the green buttons on this page to be redirected there.

At this point, we would generally recommend signing up before creating a link to your phone's homepage, as it will make the sign-in process easy later on.


Find the 3 Dots

Once you've signed up and are on the Coolbet webpage, look for the three dots on the top right of your phone - see the step one photo if you can't find them!




When you tap these dots a dropdown menu will show up, and you will be able to select 'add to home screen


Add to Homescreen

If you select 'add to home screen you'll be prompted to confirm whether you want to add Coolbet to your home screen, and you'll see a preview of what the icon will look like on your phone.

Just tap add and it will show up on your phone screen (generally on the final page).


Use the 'App"

Now that you've successfully added the shortcut to your homescreen, any time you want to bet with Coolbet just tap the icon and you'll be sent directly to the browser - no need to type in the web address or bookmark a page!

Coolbet Sports Betting - a truly global reach

We have to give Coolbet their dues when it comes to sports betting on this app, because they have managed to pull in a ton of different sports and leagues from all over the world.

This is massively important, otherwise, it's too easy to lose interest and get bored when the major sporting seasons come to a close.

The Long List of Coolbet Sports

In no particular order:

  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • MMA
  • eSports
  • Australian Rules
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Formula 1
  • Futsal
  • Handball
  • Horse Racing
  • Lacrosse
  • Pesapallo
  • Politics*
  • Rally
  • Rugby League
  • Table Tennis
  • Speedway
  • Volleyball

Politics and Entertainment?

You might have even noticed politics in that list, and if you fancy an early wager on the 2024 US election results Coolbet is one of the few places that you can make a wager like this.

Coolbet Odds

Going hand in hand with the sports on any betting app, having competitive odds is a massive reason to bet with a particular sportsbook. Any enticing features and gimmicky draws that may bring you in, ensuring your payouts are as good as they can be keep people around.

Coolbet relies on their own in-house odds, which already puts them a step ahead of any competitor who still relies on a third party

We think in-house odds are generally better for the simple reason that there is no middle man taking a cut! Sure enough, Coolbet has pretty stellar odds, but we think they could actually do even better to really make a name for themselves in a hugely competitive market.

Coolbet Sports

Coolbet NFL

The NFL has always been one of the biggest leagues to bet on in Canada, and is certainly the most popular sport across the southern Canadian border. As a result, Coolbet has really focused on giving all the options to bettors when football is in the mix, so you're sure to enjoy all the various features like parlays and cashout during the NFL season.

Coolbet NHL

As a national sport in Canada, the popularity of hockey can't be understated, and Coolbet hosts all of the 'cool' betting features you'd come to expect for the ice-based sport. Expect the red carpet to be rolled out during the playoffs and Cup final.

Coolbet NBA

Not only has the NBA become a favorite sport in Canada, it has also become one of the most dynamic events to wager on thanks to the end-to-end actions and numerous player props each game. Coolbet has not forgotten about basketball fans when it comes to betting, and features plenty of ways to wager.

Coolbet Features - how 'cool' is the betting?

Now that we've run through the big list of sports you can bet on, and mentioned that Coolbet users their own odds to create the lines your payouts rely on, it's time to chat about how you can bet.

Coolbet Parlays

Parlays have always been one of the most exciting ways to put together a bet, not just because they provide a certain level of creativity and chance to dig deep into the matches you want to wager on, but also because of the massive potential payouts from the multiplied odds.

To make it even better, Coolbet has implemented a Bet Builder tool to make it a little bit more streamlined to combine bets into lengthy parlays.

Coolbet Bet Builder Mockup

While there is the potential for some same game parlays to be put together, we hope they expand this in the future. Even though they're keeping up with other betting apps for the number of sports offering a SGP (NBA for example), Coolbet could lead the charge and bring a bigger variety of sports into this great feature.

Coolbet Combo Generator

Arguably one of the more unique and interesting sports betting features on the Coolbet app, the Combo Generator takes some of the most popular wagers, and recommended bets from all over the world, and pops out wagers.

You can customize this by setting odds ranges, number of bets, and other factors, giving you some pretty nice random wagers if you need some inspiration.

Coolbet Betting Features

Combo Generator, betting advice, and easy to use navigational tab on Coolbet

And with a super easy-to-use Navigation Sidebar, and regular 'Best Bets' coming from the Coolbet Blog, you'll never be wondering what to wager on next with this betting app!

Other Betting Features on Coolbet

Parlays and deep markets are probably the two biggest features every betting app needs to have at a minimum, but Coolbet does have a few other interesting and useful betting features that give it an edge.

Coolbet Cashout

Cashout is never the most glamourous or exciting betting feature, but it can be immensely helpful if you're unsure of the way a wager is going.

Coolbet Cashout is available for single pre-match bets, single live bets, and combo pre-match bets on the major sports leagues. You'll have to keep in mind that cashing out will be at a reduced amount to your potential winnings, but you avoid a ad beat and losing it all, so definitely keep this in mind.

Coolbet League

The Coolbet League is this betting app's take on daily fantasy to an extent, where you can predict scores and have a chance to win cash depending on how well you do.

Anyone familiar with DraftKings and FanDuel will have a good grasp on this, and it's a cool feature to try out alongside your more serious sports betting.

Coolbet Prediction

Coolbet has a great blog section on the betting app, and part of this is expert picks and predictions for outcomes on the various events and even betting tips.

It's worthwhile to check out what these guys have to say as both a novice and experienced bettor - you never know when you can learn something new and get some good predictions.

Match of the Day

Match of the Day (MOTD) is something fairly new in Coolbet's Canadian repertoire. But the way this feature works is highlighting a certain event for the day, which will be eligible for the 'Boring Match Money-back Guarantee.'

Any event Coolbet considers 'boring' can be refunded back to you - so if a soccer game ends 0-0, an NHL match finished 0-0 or 1-1 in regulation, or even an NBA game is tied when the final whistle blows, you could see your initial wager returned.

Coolbet Live Betting

A must-have for all modern betting apps. Live betting is an incredibly engaging way to follow your wager and stay on top of the action. Coolbet features a great live betting lobby with all of the current and future events you can wager on live.

Unfortunately, this is where it stops, as there is no live streaming yet, nor are there any good graphics to follow along the smaller sports and leagues with. Hopefully they ramp this up soon as it is a bit of a letdown.

Coolbet Bonuses

Due to legal regulations in Canada, we're not allowed to display or talk about specific bonuses offered by Coolbet.

But this won't stop us from letting you know about the various types of bonuses and betting promotions you can expect to see in Canada.

Free Bets

Free bets are one of the best possible bonuses you can hope to find because they're fundamentally just a way to bet without risking your own money! Generally you'll have to bet a certain amount to be rewarded with free bets, so it's a great opportunity to make your money go a little further.

You can usually find free bets being handed out as sign-up bonuses, or around specific events like the Stanley Cup Finals, World Cup, or the Super Bowl.

Risk Free Bets

Risk-free bets are an awesome way to try out a new betting app you may not be sure about, or even to try a new type of betting (parlays for example) you're not familiar with. A pretty straightforward bonus, risk-free bets let you wager up to a certain point, and if you lose know you'll get the same amount back in the form of free bets.

This type of offer is common as a welcome bonus, but we don't see them frequently on a day-to-day use with betting apps.

Deposit Bonuses

Almost always linked to your initial deposit, deposit bonuses (sometimes called deposit match bonuses) reward you with free bets based on how much you deposit. The best ones offer a 100% match, effectively doubling your betting capacity, but even 20% or 50% extra isn't too shaby!

Odds Boosts

No doubt if you've spent some time betting on sports you have wished that those odds were just a little bit better. That's exactly where odds boosts or profit boosts come into play, by bumping the odds to be a little bit more in your favor.

Odds boosts can be featured daily or for particular events, but that incremental increase to a payout can really add up over time.

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend or referral bonuses are just flat-out awesome. All you need to do is convince a buddy to sign up and you can earn some free bets!

So not only do you get to start chatting about betting with more people, but you do it with a sweet bonus.

Some betting apps even give both you and your friend free bets when they sign up!

Coolet Bonus Codes

Similar to how we can't discuss details about bonuses on this betting app, we can't display any associated bonus codes.

That being said, there is quite a lot to like about this betting app, and if you head on over to the site by clicking one of the 'play now' buttons, you'll be able to see everything they offer.

How to Sign up for Coolbet

It's always nice when signing up for a new betting app is actually nice and simple. Coolbet has made sure to keep it easy to get going.

Coolbet Sign Up Mockup

Coolbet has made a straightforward sign up process for their betting app

Here's what you need to do to create an account:

  1. Head over to Coolbet by hitting one of the green buttons
  2. Register your account
  3. Create a link to your phone home screen (optional)
  4. Deposit
  5. Bet!

In just a few minutes you'll be up and running with Coolbet, and taking advantage of all the great features this betting app has to offer.

Registration Details

Everything you need to register for Coolbet will be highlighted during the process, but to verify your account on this legal and licensed betting app some details you'll have to provide include:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Country (Canada)

These are all normal questions, and help the Canadian gambling associations regulate the industry's safety.

Coolbet Payment Methods

If you can pay, you can't play, so having a bunch of easy payment methods is an important part of any betting app. We always look at how many choices you have to manage your money, and how easy they are for the user.

Coolbet is actually one of the better Canadian betting apps when it comes to payment variety, putting a few other, larger, sportsbooks to shame.

Coolbet Deposits

If you can't pay, you can't play. Good thing Coolbet gives you the following options to fund your account:

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Trustly
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • paysafecard

The minimum deposit is $10, which is pretty much in line with the rest of the industry.

How long do Coolbet deposits take?

All of the above deposit methods are instant, so no need to worry about sending in a cheque days in advance of the event you want to bet on.

Coolbet Withdrawals

After winning tons of money you'll want to withdraw and spend some cash. You can get your money with:

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Trustly
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bank Transfer

The minimum withdrawal amount is $20, which is a bit high in our opinion, but to be more in line with other betting apps we think this will likely drop as the market matures.

How long do Coolbet withdrawals take?

Withdrawal times differ depending on the method.

  • Skrill and Neteller are instant.
  • Trustly and Bank Transfers take 1 day.
  • Card Payouts are up to 3 days.

Coolbet Casino

Is any betting site really complete without an online casino option? Well, that obviously depends on what you log in to do, but we think it's a really nice additional feature.

The Coolbet Casino has tons of slot games to pick from, and even a decent number of live games like blackjack and roulette you can enjoy as well. You can absolutely use the casino on mobile too, accessed the same way as the sports betting page!

Coolbet casino desktop screenshot

RTP Calculator

A really neat feature of the Coolbet casino is their RTP Calculator. RTP (Return to Player) is the theoretical amount you get as payback when playing a casino game, effectively meaning that the higher RTP the greater likelihood of your winning over time.

This doesn't show how often you'll win, but it's a nice touch for Coolbet to really showcase their transparency on the gaming to highlight this for all of their games.

Coolbet Customer Support

You don't care until you need it, but oh boy is it a huge pain to deal with poor customer service.

Coolbet gives users a couple of ways to get in touch, including a live chat function and email contact. This isn't so bad given the pretty quick response times, but having a direct phone would be a nice addition.

  • Email:
  • Live Chat: 24/7

Coolbet Canada App Overview

Coolbet Canada

Cool. Cool, cool, cool

Coolbet has been around for a few years now, but it's initial foray into the Canadian market has really only started recently. But the level of expertise and numerous features they've brought to the licensed Ontario betting app are excellent.

So let's answer the obvious question: how 'cool' is Coolbet?

Great in-house odds - Cool

Having their own odds gives Coolbet a leg up in one of the most important areas - the betting. Without a middle man cutting in on profits, Coolbet can stick with its desire to be a transparent betting app and provide more favorable lines to you, how cool is that!

Progressive Web App - Not Cool

The Coolbet app, if you can even call it that, is just a PWA. You can add a direct link to your home screen to make it easy to get betting, but the little things that make mobile apps worthwhile are just missing. The webpages just are not as responsive or quick, and you lose some of the quick log-in features on some smartphones.

Sports and Features - Cool

You can't deny the depth in the betting markets on Coolbet, with tons of major sports and niche sports from all over the world available to you. Pair this with some sweet features like a bet builder tool and combo generator you have a ton of fun ways to bet.

All in all, we think Coolbet probably deserves a shot, and is a 'cool' betting app.

8/10 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Coolbet review

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