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ClutchBet Overview

Jake Koehler

ClutchBet is a new sportsbook based in Denver, Colorado, that has begun to make a name for itself in the competitive sports betting industry. The small company derives from BlueBet, an Australian betting site that specializes in horse racing. Established in 2022, ClutchBet offers a user-friendly betting platform that caters to sports enthusiasts in 3 US states and counting.

Reviewed by Jake Koehler 07/17/2024

ClutchBet score

  • App and desktop versions available
  • Offers PayPal and Skrill for deposits and withdrawals
  • Variety of daily bonuses and boosts
  • Easy to place and track bets
  • Limited sports markets for smaller sports
  • No online casino
  • Betting markets not offered long in advance
  • Only available in 3 states
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

ClutchBet Sportsbook App Review

ClutchBet is an online sportsbook that is only a few years old but is starting to make a name for itself.

ClutchBet has the obvious disadvantage of size. Only available in three states (Colorado, Iowa, and Louisiana), and having a small fraction of employees as larger competitors, it’s tough to measure up to companies like DraftKings and FanDuel. However, it is a good option for anyone looking for something new. As a new company, it is off to a great start with room to expand and improve. There are advantages to its size, such as offering more personal customer support and being more aware of its user base.

ClutchBet's betting markets are impressive for such a young company. With all the betting features you need such as single-game parlays, daily boosts, and live betting, it has almost everything a bettor needs. Some features that boost user experience are missing, such as live-streaming and social betting groups. Its app and site are functional and well-designed, and most bets are easy to locate. ClutchBet has a cool betting system available in basketball and football called ClutchClash, where you can choose a variety of head-to-head player stats to parlay.

ClutchBet is a reliable option with fast and easy deposits/withdrawals. There is no concern over legitimacy even if they aren’t a household name. ClutchBet may not be doing anything groundbreaking yet, but I recommend it to anyone searching for an additional betting site.

Clutchbet app preview april 2023

You Should Try ClutchBet if...🤑

You love betting head-to-head matchups

ClutchBet's ClutchClash feature takes head-to-head matchup betting a step further than the competition. For basketball and football, you can build a parlay by picking which player you think will outperform the other in any statistic category. This gives bettors a fun option to change up their betting style from the norm.

💸 You want quick withdrawals with no requirements

ClutchBet doesn't have minimum withdrawal requirements, which is a huge plus. That is rare to find among online sportsbooks. To put the cherry on top, the withdrawal transactions are also quick and easy. Withdrawal options include PayPal and Skrill, which help the process be as smooth as possible.

Think Twice About ClutchBet if...🤔

🇺🇸 You don't live in Iowa, Colorado, or Louisiana

Of course, if a betting app isn't yet legal in your state, you'll need to look elsewhere. Currently, ClutchBet is only legal in Colorado, Iowa, and Louisiana. It hopes to be approved for more states in the coming years. However, even if you can't play on ClutchBet just yet, there is no harm in signing up so you can be ready to bet if it expands in the future.

📺 You want to live stream the action

Unfortunately, ClutchBet doesn't currently offer live streaming for any sports. As a smaller sportsbook, I wouldn't expect them to offer free NFL or NBA games, but it would be nice to have something like table tennis available to stream. It does have adequate live betting, but you can't watch along as you bet.

ClutchBet Promo Code

ClutchBet offers a 100% Bet match up to $250 in bonus bets, paid over the first 5 weeks.

Make sure to use promo code CLUTCH250 to claim the offer

Here's an explanation of how the 100% Bet Match bonus works at ClutchBet Sportsbook:

  • The bonus is paid out over five weeks. You'll receive 20% of your first wager as a bonus bet instantly, and the remaining 80% in equal 20% installments over the next four weeks.

  • For example, a $250 initial bet earns you a $50 bonus bet immediately, followed by four weekly $50 bonus bets.

  • The result of your first bet doesn’t matter; you’re guaranteed the 100% match bonus regardless of the outcome.

  • A minimum bet of $10 with odds of -200 or longer is required to qualify. Bonus bets expire after seven days.

  • Bonus bets can be used on any wager with odds of -200 or longer, including parlays where no leg has odds shorter than -200. Each weekly bonus must be divided into 2-4 bets of equal value.

This bonus offer falls in the middle of the pack in terms of new-user promos. It can ultimately return more than the common $200 maximum in bonus bets offered by competitors. However, it takes weeks to claim the rewards. This can be seen as a positive if you aren’t a “want it now” person because it is a gift that keeps giving.

Existing Customer Promotions on ClutchBet

ClutchBet offers plenty of daily boosts and special offers.

It’s great that the bonuses don’t end after the initial deposit bonus, because daily promos add up more in the long run. ClutchBet goes above and beyond with its daily offers. It commonly offers odds boosts to increase your potential payouts. ClutchBet's biggest emphasis for daily offers is parlay insurance. Parlay insurance comes in clutch, as it gifts your bet back if only one leg of the parlay loses.

Whereas other sites may offer one per day, ClutchBet has been offering separate offers for every main sport. At times, you can have parlay insurance for bets in the MLB, NBA, NHL, and even UFC on the same day. ClutchBet also does a great job of specializing offers based on your state, such as an odds boost on an Iowa Hawkeyes football game if you reside in Iowa.

ClutchBet Deposit Bonus

Promo Code Clutch250

ClutchBet Legal Betting States

ClutchBet is currently legal in Iowa, Colorado, and Louisiana, but is expected to launch in more states in the future.

This is the most obvious limitation of ClutchBet, as anyone not living in or visiting one of these three states will have to find a different betting site. In the future, I hope it will be able to expand its reach. This may be a challenge for them since much bigger-name companies are competing over the states.

ClutchBet App Features

Clutch Bet Live Betting Feature

ClutchBet's live betting screen showing one of its key features

ClutchBet excels in the features category, as they offer nearly all the popular ones the leading sportsbooks have. A few features it actually improves on compared to other betting apps. Perhaps the thing ClutchBet does best is the head-to-head matchup betting system called ClutchClash. It also offers same game parlay (extras), live betting, quick parlays, early cashouts, and daily boosts/specials.

The only notable missing feature is live streaming. For an app that excels in live streaming, check out Caesars Sportsbook. As they grow and expand, hopefully, live streaming can be included. Overall, it's quite impressive that ClutchBet is able to offer all of these features as such a new sportsbook.


ClutchClash Betting System

The feature most special to ClutchBet is their ClutchCash betting style. With ClutchClash, you can choose which player you think will outperform the other in various statistical areas.

Head-to-head betting for player props isn’t revolutionary, but ClutchBet improves it. Other sportsbooks may not allow parlays for head-to-head matchups, and typically only offer the most common statistical category such as points or yards.

For example, with the NBA market, you can go beyond who will score more, getting as specific as steals, blocks, and fouls. For now, ClutchClash is only available for football and basketball. While the concept isn’t unique to ClutchBet, it does it better than the competition.

Early Cashout Option

With ClutchBet, I can end my bet early and take a payout offer based on how my bet is doing. If my bet looks likely to win, I get a higher cashout offer; if not, it might be lower. Sometimes, the early cashout could be more or less than my initial bet, depending on the current situation of the event. Cashing out early lets me relax and enjoy the rest of the event without any stress. It can be a hard decision when to cash out, as we’re all here to bet in the first place, but it’s a nice option. CluthBet offers fair cashout offers but can be less timely than other betting apps.

Same Game Parlay (Extras)

Most betting sites offer same-game parlays, but often you can’t combine same-game parlays. Same-game parlay extra with ClutchBet allows you to add player props from multiple games, a money line bet on top of a SGP, or just about any combination you can dream up. This can greatly boost your payout odds and expand the possibilities. Being able to parlay my favorite players from different teams is a great way to personalize my betting experience.

Quick Parlay Feature

Instead of going in and out of different tabs to create a parlay, ClutchBet's quick parlay feature allows you to create a specialized parlay in seconds. It’s only for moneyline bets, but you can combine them from all sports offered. The diversity of multiple sports in one parlay is something you can’t find everywhere.

ClutchPicks Daily Specials

These are the pre-made bets offered by ClutchBet. They are parlays it selected each leg for, all with odds boosts. This is handy for beginners or anyone in a rush. Since they are odds boosted, the maximum bet for each is $100 and the bets are usually in the +200 range

Hyperlive Micro Betting

ClutchBet’s version of live betting offers thousands of micro-markets during the game. It uses special technology to stay up-to-date to the second. This is a fun way to stay engaged for the entire duration of an event, with options such as the result of the next play.

ClutchBet Sportsbook Markets Offered

Clutch Bet Markets

ClutchBet's sports betting market screen showing sports offered

ClutchBet offers all of the most popular professional sports leagues in the US. If you want to bet on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, or soccer, ClutchBet has what you are looking for. One positive is that you can parlay bets from different sports with one another to create a diverse betting experience. It’s important to note that the sports offered vary from state to state.

They are fairly limited in each sport compared to a site like Fanatics Sportsbook which offers more markets for minor leagues, college sports, and overseas leagues. That isn’t to say there aren’t some options, such as a handful of Euro soccer leagues, a few NCAA sports, and the WNBA. Other than that, it’s just the primary leagues offered. Niche sports are also provided, such as motorsports, table tennis, and volleyball.

Considering the company size, there is a good amount of sports offered. In summary, ClutchBet will fill all the basic bettor’s needs but is missing depth in more specialized markets.

Betting Markets

Football Betting on ClutchBet Sportsbook

NFL is the sole professional league present for the American football market. That is typical, as leagues like the UFL are hard to come by, but are offered by some competitors. NCAA football is available during the season, with some futures out of season. Football is one of the two sports with their signature ClutchClash betting system. For example, you can pick which receiver will have more yards than the other, and parlay it with which quarterback throws for more yards.

ClutchBet also has futures for each team such as over/under win totals. Unlike sportsbooks like DraftKings, you can parlay team futures. I love this feature because I don’t want to wait a whole season for a straight -110 bet to pay out. Additionally, you can bet on the winners of all 5 major awards and the Super Bowl in advance. Player props and single-game parlays are available, but alt-lines aren’t present.

Basketball Betting on ClutchBet Sportsbook

Basketball is the other sport that ClutchClash is available. You can bet which player will score more points, grab more rebounds, dish out the most assists, and even commit more fouls. This brings a unique way to enjoy the game. You don’t have to use ClutchClash for NBA, as single-game parlays and player props are also available. The WNBA is now offered, but there aren’t player props or single-game parlays. I expect the betting market for the WNBA will expand as the league continues to grow in popularity.

Soccer Betting on ClutchBet Sportsbook

Soccer betting on ClutchBet offers more leagues, such as the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and the MLS. A notable disclusion for soccer betting is the single-game parlay feature, so only straight bets or traditional parlays are allowed. Future champions are offered, but no additional futures such as awards.

ClutchBet Sportsbook App User Experience

I don’t have many complaints about the functionality of the ClutchBet desktop website or mobile app. It gets the job done and isn’t confusing to use. I appreciate sites that aren’t overcomplicated and do too much. It looks clean visually and is well organized to streamline your betting experience. Speeds are up to par, and I haven’t experienced any crashes or glitches. One helpful feature is that on the website, it is very easy to find where to select your state and preference for odds style. However, it is more difficult to find and change in the app.

One downside is the lack of in-app features like live streaming or game tracking. Additionally, some reviews mention that GPS location verification can be spotty, making it hard to place a bet until it’s fixed. You have to make sure you have selected the correct state, or else the markets offered may not be accurate. Lastly, some markets are hard to find, such as NCAA bets not appearing on the links from the A-Z list, but rather being found under their professional counterparts.

Overall, ClutchBet’s style and interface are more than sufficient but don’t do much to stand out.

Deposit and Payment Options on ClutchBet

Deposit MethodMin DepositProcess Time
Visa & MasterCard Debit Cards$20Instant


VIP Preferred ACH/e-check$20Instant
Paysafe Cash$20Instant

Withdrawal MethodMin WithdrawalProcess Time
Visa & MasterCard Debit CardsN/A1-3 Business Days
PayPalN/A1-3 Business Days
SkrillN/A1-3 Business Days
VIP Preferred ACH/e-checkN/A1-3 Business Days
Paysafe CashN/A1-3 Business Days

One great feature of ClutchBet is that there isn’t a minimum balance requirement for withdrawals. Many bigger sites require a certain amount in your account before you’re allowed to withdraw. This is an advantage ClutchBet offers that provides a better user experience. Since it competes against much larger companies, ClutchBet finds small areas like this to build traction. However, it requires a minimum deposit of $20, which is higher than most online sportsbooks. I find it odd that it has no minimum for withdrawals, but a higher-than-usual minimum for deposits. Deposits on ClutchBet are done instantly, while withdrawals usually take 1-3 business days to process.

Including online payment systems such as PayPal and Skrill is something the younger generations can appreciate, as those accounts are easily connected for seamless use. I would rather link my PayPal account than search my banking apps for routing numbers any day. The option of debit cards is also clutch, as those are usually something we have on us or nearby.

ClutchBet Customer Support

Live Chat in-app or desktop


Customer Service by phone 1-888-368-2221

Help & FAQ

ClutchBet's live chat option is operated by real people rather than chatbots that try to direct you elsewhere. On larger sites like DraftKings Sportsbook, you will only find chatbots that don’t give you the same help as a real agent. However, the disadvantage is that a live agent may not always be available. When I tried it, I was met with a message telling me to try again later because no one was available at the moment. Providing more information in the FAQ section would be nice, but the main questions are answered comprehensively. The phone number was easy to find, whereas other sites hide the customer service number to try and defer you to the bots.

Final Thoughts on ClutchBet Sportsbook

ClutchBet may not replace your primary sportsbook, but it could serve as a great second option in your sports betting repertoire. Its initial bonus is something to take advantage of for the bonus hunters. In addition, ClutchBet isn't stingy with its daily boosts and offers such as parlay insurance. For its size, it offers a lot of markets and competitive odds.

Overall, ClutchBet is a more than acceptable place to bet. It offers the main features I look for as a bettor such as single-game parlays and live betting. The sports betting industry is hyper-competitive, so it’s important to find one thing to excel at. I believe ClutchBet does that with the ClutchClash head-to-head betting system. They improved on an old idea with ClutchClash to help them stand out. Other than that, it doesn’t have much that separates it from comparable online sportsbooks.

If you are someone who doesn’t need flashy features and overcomplicated betting systems, ClutchBet is more than adequate in meeting your needs as a bettor. I appreciate its simplicity and focus on providing a smooth betting experience. I expect ClutchBet to continue to grow and improve in the coming years.


Is ClutchBet Legit?

Yes, CluchBet operates legally and has licensing in 3 states. All apps we guide users toward are 100% trustworthy!

Where can I use ClutchBet?

Currently, you can only use ClutchBet in Iowa, Lousiana, and Colorado.

Does ClutchBet accept PayPal and Skrill?

Yes, ClutchBet uses both PayPal and Skrill for deposits and withdrawals.

How long do payouts take on ClutchBet?

Withdrawals take 1-3 business days to process on ClutchBet. This is one of the quicker payout times and is made better by the zero withdrawal minimum requirements.

Does ClutchBet have live betting?

Yes, ClutchBet offers live betting that is extremely up-to-speed. It also has features such as same game parlays, quick parlays, odds boosts, and daily specials.

What is ClutchClash on ClutchBet?

ClutchClash is an innovative betting system on ClutchBet Sportsbook that allows you to build parlays off head-to-head matchups. You can choose from endless stats and pick which player you think will outperform the other. It is only available for the NBA and NFL.

ClutchBet review

ClutchBet sportbonus

Up to $250 Bet Match Over the first 5 weeks